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Kent Hrbek Autographed Rookie Card

2 weeks ago I got an email from a woman who had never been to the site before.  She’s not a baseball fan.  She’s not a collector, or a hobbyist, or anything that you would relate to baseball.  But what she is is very kind and thoughtful.

You see, she owns a storage company and while cleaning out an old tenant’s left behind belongings she found a 1982 Topps Kent Hrbek rookie card in a desk drawer.  And above and beyond that, the card was autographed by Mr. Hrbek himself. 

With little else to go on, she ‘Googled’ the names of all three players featured on this card and found a post on my blog about trying to get Mr Hrbek’s autograph.  I guess my story compelled her as she emailed me asking if I would like the card.

Naturally I jumped at this opportunity, and last night this was in my mailbox: 


Wow!!!  How nice does this look?  What a great addition to my autograph collection!!!  Hrbek was one of my favorite players on the dominant Minnesota Twins teams of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and I am proud to own this signed card.

Thanks again Tracey – you are incredibly kind!!!

The ‘Sweet Swinging’ Gift Alfredo Sent Over Is A…

You may recall that yesterday I showed you 3 of the 4 cards that Alfredo sent my way.  3 great Andre Dawson cards to add to my player collection.

Not to be outdone was this incredible card of one of my favorite Cubs of all-time, “Sweet Swinging” Billy Williams.

Wicked 2

Obviously this is a great looking baseball card of this Cubs Hall of Famer.  The card is a 2001 Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection card and features a big piece of a game used bat.  I love the vintage feel of the card, and I like how the wood grain of the bat really works with the design while also standing out as an obvious feature.

Thanks again Alfredo, this is a great addition to my Billy Williams collection and it’s my first game used bat card of his!!!

Celebrity First Pitch – Vince Vaughn

Loyal Chicago Cubs fan and actor Vince Vaughn knows how to bring the heat.  In fact he’s so disappointed in his first attempt he demands a ‘Re-do’ and still barely makes it to the plate.

Hey Vince, stick to your day job!!!

Did You Know…

During a game on July 15, 1973, California Angels pitcher Nolan Ryan was working on his second career no-hitter.  Detroit Tigers first baseman Norm Cash, who was already a strikeout victim twice that night, went to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with two outs using a sawed-off leg of an old table from the clubhouse instead of a bat.  Although the fans loved it, the stunt drew immediate action from the umpire, who ordered Cash to use a legal bat.

73 Ryan

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – I love the light-hearted side of this sport.  If something of this magnitude happened in today’s game it would make headlines across the globe!!!

Josh Johnson = Power Pitcher/Power Hitter

He did it again.  The guy that is known for his amazing skill as a power pitcher has done it again with his bat….

Josh Johnson connected for his 3rd home run of the season Tuesday night and is 1 homer away from being the team’s single-season leader for round-trippers hit by a pitcher!!

APTOPIX Braves Marlins Baseball

Go Fish!!!