Celebrity First Pitch – The Kardashian Ladies

Ah, those Krazy Kardashian girls sure do make a scene wherever they go…  6″ high heels on a baseball diamond are always good for a laugh!!

I think it would have been funny if Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kris all threw their pitches at the same unsuspecting player.

Oh, and of the 30+ ‘Celebrity First Pich’ videos I have brought you, this is the first one that had a lengthy ‘hug ceremony’ after the pitches were thrown.  🙂

Go get ’em girls!!!

2 responses to “Celebrity First Pitch – The Kardashian Ladies

  1. “Brad Ausmus gets a hug from Kim… highlight of his season.”

    So jealous.


  2. I would like to have seen Kim bounce the ball off of her booty into the glove.

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