Daily Archives: August 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

It’s amazing how 1 year has flown by so quickly.

When I started this blog, I had very little idea as to what direction it would head into and how long it would last.  I am a creative guy that likes to write, but getting back into the hobby of collecting baseball cards again was not something I had a lot of knowledge about and was unsure as to what direction to take.

Ultimately I settled in on going back to my days of collecting as a child and attempting to honor some of my favorite players from my youth.  For me this was the perfect decision.  If I had not chosen this route I have no doubt that this blog would not be ‘alive’ today.  The wonderful thing about this hobby is that it offers something unique to each and every person.  And for me that was focusing in on the guys I enjoyed watching play or read about playing when I was a kid.  Paying special attention to the incredible Cubs like Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Mark Grace, and others, I quickly realized that my collecting goals were unique and special to me but that other collectors respected and I enjoyed what I was doing.   Adding in other players that captivated my like Rickey Henderson and Dave Winfield only made my collecting goals that much more fun.

So 365 days later, and several player collections complete, I am looking to bring new material to the site.  While I have no plans of changing the look and feel of ’30-YOC’, I do plan on adding some new elements to keep the blog fresh.  And I have a ton of new ideas for collecting and series’ of posts to bring to you in the near future.

I want to thank everyone who has helped make this a special journey for me.  It has been a blast to recapture and share my love of writing and baseball in one place.

I am looking forward to see what lies ahead for ’30-YOC’.  I hope you are too!!

Thank you.


Celebrity First Pitch – King Kong Bundy

There is great debate as to whether this is or is not the ‘Real’ King Kong Bundy.  After watching this video a few times, I am starting to think that it is not him.  But what do I know?  I haven’t seen KKB in more than 15 years – a lot can happen to a man in that length of time…

I wonder if he wears that unitard everywhere he goes.  🙂

So is it him or not?  Let me know what you think.

Contest Picks For Today’s Games!!!

OK, here are everyone’s picks for the contest.  Stay tuned to all 15 games played today as someone is going to be walking away with some very cool prizes!!!

Runs Player
30 rod
91 sean
92 capyain canuck
96 gogosox60
100 daniel wilson
101 packaddict
105 night owl
106 fuji
107 MattR
109 matt 
111 mark aubrey
112 stalkerblues
117 stephen
118 david
119 unclemoe
120 charley
125 mmosely
126 gobigpelf34
127 kevin
130 hackenbush
133 brian
137 drew
141 wickedortega
142 zman40
145 jeremy
151 deal
153 mccann can triple
180 gerad


Good Luck to you all!!!