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UPDATED : ‘About Me’ Page

As part of my commitment to ‘freshen up’ some of the pages on my blog, I have tackled the ‘About Me’ page.

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Celebrity First Pitch – Michael Wilbon

You’ve got to love Wilbon!!!  Of course there is his obvious tie to Chicago that I like, but I also find him to be the leader of PTI.  His wit and timing are almost perfect for a show of that type, and I don’t think they would be nearly as successful if he were not a main element of the show.

You’d think that a guy that has spent that much time around a ballpark would be able to reach the catcher without bouncing the ball into the dirt…  Oh Well!

Did You Know…

Joe DiMaggio beat out Ted Williams for the American League MVP award in 1941, even though Williams hit for a .406 average and had one of the best seasons of his career.

Joe D

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My Take – .406 is incredible, but Joe D had a pretty solid season as well – .357 with 30 homers, 125 RBI, 193 hits, 122 runs scored and just 13 strikeouts in 621 plate appearances!!

Marlins/Phillies Recap – How SWEEP It is!!!

Finally.  A little redemption was had for the Marlin’s most embarrassing series of the year!!

In what was the most important series of the 2009 baseball season, the Marlins shined bright and they did it on the field of the defending World Series champions.  When the series started, the Marlins sat in second place and 7 games behind the leading Phillies.  And even though the rankings in the division have not changed, the 3-game sweep certainly helps the chances of the Marlins as they inch closer to the division lead and possible Wild Card berth for the playoffs.

Now just 4 games behind the Phillies, and with a 58-53 record, the Marlins return home to battle the Houston Astros and Colorado Rockies.  Ironically, these are two teams that are also competing for the Wild Card spot in the National League so with their confidence high, the Marlins need to defend their home field and continue on their winning ways.  What really hurts now is that 3-game ass kicking that the Nationals put on us prior to the Phillies series.  Had the roles been reversed, the division lead would be ever fewer games.  That beating that the Nats gave us really embarrassed the team but it was great to see them rebound so strongly against one of the most dynamic offensive teams in baseball!!

With wins of 3-2, 6-4, and 12-3, the Marlins are finally clicking and playing great ball.  Led by Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco, the starting pitching has been solid.  Hanley Ramirez and Cody Ross have been on a tear lately and their hitting has been contagious as Chris Coghlan has also been on fire as he has had seven consecutive games with at least two hits or more.  If the pitching and hitting can keep up this pace for a few more weeks the Marlins should make the last month and a half of the season very entertaining and interesting!!!

Cubs Marlins Baseball

Go Fish!!!