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TTM Success In One Word: RYNO!!!

I am still shocked that I got this back…

I sent this baseball to Ryne Sandberg a little more than 4 months ago.  He is the manager of the Tennessee Smokies minor league baseball team and I had read several encouraging stories about Ryno and his efforts to make the fans that come out to the games happy.  Even with those stories I was a little worried that a player of Sandberg’s stature wouldn’t sign through the mail, but I have to say that the ‘gamble’ aspect you take with TTM and big name players is what makes the process even more rewarding and memorable. 

So I sent this ball to the team with the hopes of getting it signed by this legendary Cubs player.  And to my amazement, Ryno delivered a perfectly signed baseball back to me.


This is my first Ryne Sandberg autograph.  And while he signature is unmistakable to anyone that collects items featuring this Hall of Fame player, I have to admit that if I did not know who the ball was from I would have a very hard time identifying it as Hall of Famer, Ryne Sandberg.

Thank you Ryno.  This is an awesome addition to my autographed baseball collection!!!

Take Your Pick – Cody Ross or Alex Rodriguez???

I would never say or think that the careers of Cody Ross and Alex Rodriguez are comparable.  Cody Ross has finally found his groove in the majors but it took his fourth attempt with a big league club before he was able to latch on and become an everyday player.  On the other hand Alex Rodriguez has had an enviable career which has not been matched by many in baseball’s long history.

But for this one year, the 2009 baseball season, these guys have almost identical numbers.  So for this one season, who would you rather have on your roster?  The guy making $2.5 million dollars that smiles from ear-to-ear each and every time he runs onto the field?  Or the guy making over$25 million dollars who is clearly not himself this season, most likely due to his off-season hip surgery?

Let’s take a closer look at their 2009 stats. 


 A-Rod is batting .258 with a .387 on base percentage.  He has hit 20 home runs, driven in 62 runs, scored 49 runs, and collected 74 hits in 79 games. 


Cody Ross is hitting .260 with a .318 on base percentage.  He has hit 20 home runs, driven in 61 runs, scored 57 times, and has collected 101 hits in 106 games.

Pretty similar huh???  I know that A-Rod missed several weeks during the early part of the season.  And I know that it’s unfair to compare one player’s best season to another guy’s worst season.  But it’s fun too!!

On Saturday I found myself at an early dinner for my wife’s grandmother’s birthday.  The Yankees/Red Sox game was on and I was able to enjoy the first 5 innings.  A-Rod doesn’t look happy or healthy.  And even with his game-winning heroics from the night before fresh in my memory you would think that a player that carried his team to victory less than 24 hours prior would be a little more relaxed and happy to be at the ballpark.  On the flip-side, I also watched a ton of the 3-game set between the Phillies and Marlins too.  And I have to say that Cody Ross is pure joy to watch – I just wish he got more national attention.  In this 3-game series, Ross went 6-for-14 while collecting 2 home runs, 4 RBI, and scoring 3 times.

So I ask you.  For this 2009 baseball season, who would you rather have on your squad: Alex Rodriguez or Cody Ross??

Celebrity First Pitch – Rickey Henderson

As part of ‘Rickey Henderson Weekend’ last week in Oakland, the A’s gave the newest member of the Hall of Fame the chance to throw out the game’s ceremonial first pitch.

Of course Rickey obliged and as usual he thrilled the crowd that was watching!!!

Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan!!!

The ‘Hulkster’ turns 56 years old today!!!

What can be said about the man that put the entire wrestling industry on his back and carried it through the 1980’s?  Hulk Hogan is an absolute legend and what he did for professional  wrestling will always make him a fan favorite.

As a kid he taught us how to train hard, say your prayers, and take your vitamins.  As a young adult he taught me how to ‘give the finger’ to authority.  And as a young father he has taught me how to stand by and enjoy each and every moment that I can with my children.

Thank you Hulkster for making such a strong and powerful impact on my life.  I am a Hulk-a-Maniac and I will be for the rest of my life!!!