1989 Topps – Pack #5

Here is what I pulled from pack #5 of the 6 that I will be opening today:

pack 5a

pack 5b

Notable:  Wow, Brady Anderson from way back, huh?  And check out Steve Sax and Bob Horner too!!

Pick of the Pack:  This one is a tie.  I like Tim Raines, and I love Rock Raines.  And then there is good old Don Zimmer.  Zim was the manager of the Cubs during the first year that I moved to Chicago – it was also the year that the team won the division.

One response to “1989 Topps – Pack #5

  1. Love that Rock Raines card. That Expos jersey, in my opinion, is one of the ten best sports jerseys of all-time.

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