Tearing Through Some 1989 Topps Wax!!!

You may recall that I picked up a box of 1989 Topps from a baseball card show that I attended a few weeks ago.

The first 10 packs from this box went to Drew who won my ’30-YOC 1-Year Anniversary’ contest.

Well, now it is my turn.  I want to get in on the fun and see if ripping through a few of these packs has the same effect on me that it did some 20 years ago(WoW – I feel old!!).


I’ve decided to cap the number of packs I will open today at six.


No matter how good or bad my pulls are, I will be a good boy and stop when I am supposed to.


And away we go…  Stay tuned to ’30-YOC’ all day long as I will share each and every card I pull with you.


And if anyone wants the gum, just let me know.  I collect vintage cardboard, not vintage sugar!!!!

3 responses to “Tearing Through Some 1989 Topps Wax!!!

  1. Please no Griffeys, please no Griffeys, Griffeys are mine, Griffeys are mine!!!! Did you ship yet? Thanks

  2. Drew – no need to worry about that. There’s no Griffey in 1989 Topps – he’s only in Topps Traded. Unless you mean Ken Griffey Sr., of course.

  3. I see Gregg Olson peeking through that pile…and a tasty stick of gum never hurt anyone. C’mon…you know you want to chew it!

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