I Have Been Waiting For This Moment For A Long Time…

To say that this is a dream of mine is a true statement.  The possibility of this dream becoming a reality became real almost four years ago when my wife and I learned that we were pregnant with our first child.

You see, ever since the day we began talking about having kids I envisioned taking my child to a ballgame.  Baseball was such a fun and entertaining pat of my youth that I couldn’t, and still cannot wait, to share it with my kids.  Boy or girl, it didn’t matter.  This was strictly about sharing my passion for the sport with the person I am most passionate about.

So today, if the weather holds up, I am taking my soon-to-be 3 year old son to his first baseball game.  He does not know it yet.  But each time we drive by a stadium or school with a field or park with a baseball diamond he says “I want to go baseball’.  Well Dylan, today is that day and I can hardly wait to take you to your first game!!!

The Marlins are hosting the Rockies today at 5:05 and we will be there.  I cannot promise how long we’ll stay or if we’ll even sit in our seats.  What I can promise is enthusiasm for the event, memories for me and my son, and popcorn – lots and lots of popcorn!!!


Pictures and stories to follow…

6 responses to “I Have Been Waiting For This Moment For A Long Time…

  1. That’s awesome. I know the feeling. I took my boys to their first game this year too. Congrats and good luck.

  2. That is a great day and one you won’t ever forget! Enjoy.

  3. Have fun! I can’t wait myself to experience that. Don’t forget the camera. Are you going to get there early for batting practice?


  4. That’s awesome, Brian! Can’t wait to hear about your and Dylan’s experience!

  5. thats great – ill be there someday i hope!

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