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My Son’s First Major League Game – Rockies Vs. Marlins

I am a firm beliver that pictures can tell a story.  And this is a story that I will never forget!!!











The End!!!

Results: Cody Ross Autograph Signing

What a great event!!  The crowd was well-managed.  The fans were friendly.  And most importantly, Cody Ross seemed happy to be there!!!

I am terrible at estimating the size of a crowd, but if I had to select a number I would guess that there were roughly 150 fans in attendance.  Cody arrived promptly at 11AM and the signing began.  I would guess that we were somewhere in the middle of the line and we arrived 20 prior to the 11AM start time.  We were allowed to enter the Dunkin’ Donuts store in small groups and Cody did a good job of keeping the line moving while also taking a few seconds to greet each person that he met.

When it was our turn, me, my wife, and our two sons entered the store and Cody greeted us with a warm smile.  I introduced him to the boys and my soon-to-be 3-year old gave him a ‘high-five’ and a ‘Hi Cody’.  I also gave him the package I prepared for him.  He signed a few cards for us and we were on our way.

The signing ended promptly at Noon, and with the ultimate show of class, Cody exited the store and immediately went to the line of people that did not make it inside and he signed and took pictures for all of them.  A true class act!!!!

Here are some pictures:




And now onto the autographs we picked up:

Cody Ross Autos

Sidenote – when I presented the cards I wanted Cody to sign he immediately said that the 2008 A&G was his favorite.  I’m glad that I threw a couple of those in the package for him…

Thanks again Cody!!  This was a great experience for the 3 of us!!!

Happy Anniversary Willie Mays!!!

On this day in 1973, Willie Mays hit the final home run of his career – #660!!

At Shea Stadium, in front of a crowd of more than 36,000 fans, the New York Mets hosted the Cincinnati Reds.  And in the bottom of the 4th inning, Willie Mays connected for the final home run of his amazing Hall of Fame career.  It was a solo shot off of Reds’ pitcher Don Gullett.  The Mets went on to lose the game 2-1.

Willie Mays had an amazing baseball career.  As one of the game’s most well-rounded players of all-time, smashing home run #660 was just another in the very long list of amazing accomplishments by the ‘Say Hey Kid’!!!


Happy Birthday Jorge Posada!!!

Unquestionably my favorite player on the current Yankees team, Jorge Posada turns 38 years old today.

I have always had a lot of respect for catchers.  I feel that their role is the most critical one on the team due to their handling of the entire pitching staff.  A good, strong catcher is able to communicate well, be a team leader, and must be trusted by each and every member of the pitching staff.  Jorge Posada is the perfect example of this.

Posada has led the New York Yankees to 4 championship titles during his reign as their #1 catcher.  What is most impressive about this run of excellence is that the Yankees change players, and specifically pitchers, quite often.  Posada has the skills as a leader to be able to handle new pitchers added to the team while still keeping them as competitive and dominant as they need to be without skipping a beat.

For his birthday, I would like to give Jorge 1 more chance at a World Series title.  5 is better than 4, and I think that it would be fun to watch Jorge lead the current Yankees staff through another shot at a title.  Something tells me that he would make the most of an opportunity like this!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Posada!!!