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Card #300 Of My Andre Dawson Player Collection!!!

It took a little over 1 year to get to this point, but I have now added the 300th different card of Andre Dawson to my player collection.  In 13 months I have gone from 0 to 300 and the collection looks fantastic.

My original goal of collection all of ‘Hawk’s’ cards from his rookie year to 1989 was quickly ruined by my excitement over the more modern-era stuff.  I have picked up some amazing cards of Andre’s and luckily for me there is still quite a bit out there for me to go after.  While I know that I will never be able to be considered the ‘Dawson Completist’ I can proudly boast that this collection is my way of honoring Dawson’s incredible career.

Of the 5 player collections(Williams, Jenkins, Dawson, Winfield, and Henderson)  that I started when this blog began, this one is the only one that has gone off-course.  But somehow, of them, this is the one that I knew would go that route.  To be honest, there was really no way I could stop going after Andre’s cards…

So, here it is.  My 300th different Andre Dawson baseball card:

Dawson 300

A 2004 SP Legendary Cuts card of Andre in his home-field Cubs’ uniform.  I like the accent colors used in the design of this card as they really make the picture of Andre leap from the card.  It also doesn’t hurt that the background shows the wonderful brick backstop from good old Wrigley Field too!!!

Stay tuned, I think that #400 is just around the corner….

Celebrity First Pitch – Cal Ripken Jr.

Possibly one of the greatest legends in the game.

Imagine showing up to a baseball game and the public address announcer says, “Here to throw out the first pitch in tonight’s game is Hall of Famer and baseball superstar, Cal Ripken, Jr.”.

Now that would be an awesome story to tell!!!

Did You Know…

The strangest combined no-hitter happened on June 23, 1917, when Babe Ruth was the starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.  He walked the first hitter and was tossed from the game when he vociferously argued the call.  Ernie Shore than came in as the relief pitcher, and after the runner was caught stealing, he retired the next 26 batters.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take  – just another wonderful baseball legend starring Babe Ruth as the main character.  And what a character he was…