Happy Anniversary Ken Holtzman!!!

On this day in 1969 Ken Holtzman pitched a no-hitter.

In front of a crowd of 37,000+ loyal fans at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, Holtzman’s home team battled the Atlanta Braves.  The only offense that the Cubs needed that day was a 3-run home run by Ron Santo as Ken Holtzman was on fire.

Here are some of the numbers from that historic afternoon:  9 innings pitched, 0 hits allowed, 0 runs allowed, 3 walks, and 0 strikeouts.

This may be the first no-hitter that I have researched in which the pitcher did not strike out a single batter – WoW!!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Holtzman!!!!


2 responses to “Happy Anniversary Ken Holtzman!!!

  1. A good pitcher who had his career messed up by a feud with George Steinbrenner. Too bad he didn’t sign with someone other than the Yankees after leaving the Orioles as a free agent.

  2. Oops–he was traded from the Orioles to the Yanks instead.

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