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The Marlins Need To Keep Chipping Away…

As we get closer to the end of the 2009 baseball season, we should begin to find out who the contenders and pretenders are.

Currently, the Florida Marlins are 6.5 games behind the division leading Phillies.  With 41 games left to play they still have a chance to threaten the Phillies for the top spot in the division but they have to maintain their winning ways and hope the Phillies falter. 

In the race for the National League Wild Card, ‘The Fish’ are 4 games out of the top spot and are looking up at the Rockies and Giants.  This is another race that will go down to the wire and my fingers are crossed that the Marlins remain competitive enough over the last six weeks of the season to challenge for that spot too.

If the last few weeks are any indication as to what the Marlins can do, they should be right in the middle of both races.

Here is a quick summary of they have fared over the last few weeks:

Astros – lost series 2-1

Rockies – won series 2-1

Astros – won series 3-1

Phillies – won series 3-0

Rockies Marlins Baseball

Keep Cipping Away Boys!!!  Go Fish!!!

Andre Dawson 1994 Donruss

 Andre Dawson 1994 Donruss

 Seeing Andre Dawsos in a Boston Red Sox uniform reminds me that ‘Hawk’s’ career was coming to a close.  And although he had 2 productive seasons in Boston before coming to the Florida Marlins, I prefer to let my memory linger back to Andre’s glory days from the Expos and Cubs.

Yet, I find this 1994 Donruss base card to be almost perfect.  Seriously.  An absolutely clear picture of Andre taking a mighty cut at a pitch.  A low-key design that allows for the player’s image to be the feature of the card.  A small company logo and a nice, stylish font used for the player’s name add a touch of class.  And the perfect amount of Red seen on the card to highlight the Red Sox logo as well as Andre’s uniform.

Donruss did a great job on this one!!!

dawson card 5

1989 Headline: Walton’s Hit Streak Ends At 30 Games

1989 Headline: Walton’s Hit Streak Ends At 30 Games

I remember this event like it was yesterday.  A rookie taking the sport of baseball and the city of Chicago on a wonderful ride during the 1989 baseball season.

Jerome Walton did not reach the majors with the same media hype and frenzy that others did in 1989, but by the end of the year all agreed that the sky was his limit and that this kid was a future star. 

During that ’89 season, the Cubs won their division and rode a wave of success into the playoffs.  And hod it not been for this hot-hitting rookie who knows if they would have been as successful…

The streak lasted 30 games, which at the time was, and still is, considered to be an outstanding achievement for a rookie.  During that season, Jerome Walton collected 139 hits, had a batting average of .293, stole 24 bases, and scored 64 runs.  These incredible numbers and that wonderful 30-game hit streak led to Walton winning the National League Rookie of  the Year award. 

And although Walton never reached the same amount of individual success again, he still remains a favorite around ‘The Windy City’!!!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Jerome Walton!!!


Happy Birthday Craig Counsell!!!

Amazingly, Craig Counsell celebrates his 39th Birthday today.

For all of us Florida Marlins fans, we celebrate Craig today and take a minute to remember and enjoy the memory of the game winning run that he scored in extra innings in Game 7 giving us our first World Series title in 1997.

Happy Birthday Craig!!!