Andre Dawson 1994 Donruss

 Andre Dawson 1994 Donruss

 Seeing Andre Dawsos in a Boston Red Sox uniform reminds me that ‘Hawk’s’ career was coming to a close.  And although he had 2 productive seasons in Boston before coming to the Florida Marlins, I prefer to let my memory linger back to Andre’s glory days from the Expos and Cubs.

Yet, I find this 1994 Donruss base card to be almost perfect.  Seriously.  An absolutely clear picture of Andre taking a mighty cut at a pitch.  A low-key design that allows for the player’s image to be the feature of the card.  A small company logo and a nice, stylish font used for the player’s name add a touch of class.  And the perfect amount of Red seen on the card to highlight the Red Sox logo as well as Andre’s uniform.

Donruss did a great job on this one!!!

dawson card 5

4 responses to “Andre Dawson 1994 Donruss

  1. I agree it is odd to see him on anything but Cub and Expo cards. I definitely find it easier to throw down a few extra dollars for his Cub cards than Red Sox or Marlins.

    The worst thing about this 1994 Donruss card is that I think he missed the pitch from the way it looks.

  2. I was watching the 1985 playoffs Expos vs. Dodgers. The announcers referred to Dawson as a young Willie Mays even though he had been struggling. Dawson was playing center field back then. How cool!

  3. The Hawk will always be a Cub in my mind. If he only had a pair of good knees during the last 10 years of his career, his numbers would have been even better.

    He actually belted 16 HR’s during the ’94 season for the Bo Sox. In only 75 games! Imagine if he could have played a full season that year. 30+ HR’s & 100+ RBI’s.


  4. Hopefully next year is his year to be inducted into the HOF.

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