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New Player Collections = Lots Of Time & Work!!!

Please don’t think for a minute that I’m complaining, because I’m not.  I just forgot how much work went into creating the checklists needed to get my new player collections up and running.

Building the template in Excel is the easy part.  The time consuming part is compiling the list of cards.  And even though I know exactly what I want to have in these player collections, obtaining the needed data to build my master checklist involves quite a bit of research.

I try to get it right the first time.  Using tools like Ebay and Sportslots.com gets me very close to where I need to be.  But from there the task becomes more of a challenge to ensure that each and every card that fits the criteria of my ‘PC’ is met.  Thankfully, I can rely on the Internet for most of my answers…

As of right now, my Jim Palmer checklist is completed.  My Darryl Strawberry list is 90% of the way there, and I still have Greg Maddux and Eddie Murray to go.

Stay tuned because I am ready to shop.  Once these four checklists are complete you can expect quite a bit of activity from me as I jump right into my new player collections!!!

hard at work

Man I’m ready to shop!!!

John Smoltz Comeback – Take 2

OK, so it didn’t quite work out the way I thought it would when Smoltz joined the Red Sox a month or so ago.

I still think he has a lot to offer and obviously the Cardinals do as well.  He will take to the mound tonight to see if that is truly the case.

I will certainly be tuned in to see how Smoltz’s second comeback of the 2009 baseball season shapes up.  He is heading to a city that loves their baseball and is fiercely loyal to their team.  All it will take is 1 strong outing for the faithful Cardinals fans to count John Smoltz as one of their own.

And another trip to the World series still remains a strong possibility!!

Best of Luck Smoltzy!!!


1936 Headline: Feller To Start For Indians

Long before Johnny Bench, Dwight Gooden, and Ken Griffey Jr. became household names while in their teens there was Bob Feller.

Bob Feller made his major league debut on this day in 1936 at the tender age of seventeen!!!

On the road battling the St. Louis Browns, the Cleveland Indians turned to Feller to help the team continue their winning ways as they worked on a winning streak while shooting for a playoff spot.

In the game Feller was dominant as he struck out 15 batters en route to a 4-1 Indians victory!!  Quite an amazing feat for a kid just out of high school, huh??

Happy Anniversary Mr. Bob Feller!!!