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An Awesome Andre Dawson Game-Used Jersey Card For My Collection!!

Another wonderful game-used memorabilia card featuring my favorite player…

Coming from the 2006 SP Legendary Cuts series, this card pays special tribute to Andre’s incredible MVP season of 1987.  The card notes on the bottom – ‘1987 Cubs – First player on a last-place team to be named MVP’.  And it sounds good to me too…

And while not numbered, this card has a great-looking design.  The Gold accents peppered throughout the card bring an aura of royalty to the design.  And the large, White jersey swatch could only be improved by adding a Cubs’ pinstripe. 

Check it out:

Dawson GU #1

Beyond Baseball – Grady Sizemore

Just a quick entertaining clip of one the most exciting players in the game…

Did You Know…

Ty Cobb holds the career record for stealing home plate.  He did it 54 times.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

Happy Anniversary Mark McGwire!!!

Mark McGwire hit the first home run of his major league baseball career on this day back in 1986.

Before ‘The Bash Brothers’.  Before #71.  Before the steroid allegations.  Before all of this, Mark McGwire was an athletic;y gifted player with a skill of hitting the long ball. 

And on this day 23 years ago, home run #1 of 583 was smacked into the outfield seats of Tiger Stadium.    I doubt that the 20,000 fans in attendance thought much of this young kid from the opposing team.  To them he was the enemy.  And nobody knew that just 1 year later he would set the rookie record for home runs in a season with 49.  And nobody there thought for a second that this guy was going  to be the one to rescue the sport in 1998 when the game and it’s fan base were both spiraling downward…

But he did it.  Mark McGwire became ‘Big Mac’ right in front of our eyes.  And most of us enjoyed the thrilling ride that he took us on.

And it all started on this day back in 1986.

Happy Anniversary Mark McGwire!!!!