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1989 Topps – Pack #4

Here is what I pulled from pack #4 of the 6 that I will be opening today:

 Pack 4A

 Pack 4B 

Notable:  Ughhh….  The doubles are starting to pour in!!

Pick of the pack:  A toss up between the Mike Greenwell All-star and pre-steroid Brady Anderson

1989 Topps – Pack #3

Here is what I pulled from pack #3 of the 6 that I will be opening today:

 Pack 3A

 Pack 3B

Notable: This pack was solid.  All-stars Rick Reuschel, Andy VanSlyke, and David Cone.  Former MVP Ken Caminiti.  And an All-star card for my player collection of Darryl Strawberry!

Pick of the pack:  Arguably the best rookie card of the set – Mr. Craig Biggio

1989 Topps – Pack #2

 Here is what I pulled from pack #2 of the 6 that I will be opening today: 

Pack 2A

Pack 2B

Notable:  Full of stars – Julio Franco, Danny Tartabull, Jimmy Key, and another Terry Steinbach

Pick of the pack:  It doesn’t get much better than a Hall of Famer, and George Brett fits the bill!!

1989 Topps – Pack #1

 Here is what I pulled from pack #1 of the 6 that I will be opening today: 

Pack 1A

Pack 1B

Notable:  3 team leader cards – WOW! 

Pick of the pack:  Since I pulled the team leader card with Mike Schmidt on it already, I will go with Terry Steinbach – I can always use this one for a TTM attempt!

Tearing Through 6 More Packs Of 1989 Topps!!!









20 Questions With Cody Ross Of The Florida Marlins

You will recall that a few weeks ago I went to an autograph signing for Cody Ross of the Florida Marlins.  Cody has become a very popular player on the team, and I am sure that it is due to his on the field heroics and his obvious enjoyment of playing the game of baseball. 

In less than 2 weeks, Cody returned my interview request back to me and the result is very entertaining.


’20 Questions With Cody Ross’

30-Year Old Cardboard: Your first major league hit – what was the date and who was it against?

Cody  Ross: Bartolo Colon, July 2003


30-YOC: What coach in the major leagues has had the biggest impact on your career?

CR: Bo Porter


30-YOC: Your favorite ballpark in the majors is…

CR: Chase Field(AZ)

 chase field

30-YOC: Your least favorite ballpark to visit in the majors is…

CR: I like them all

30-YOC: In the bottom of the ninth, down by 1 run with 2 out, who do you not want to face on the pitching mound?

CR: Mariano Rivera


30-YOC: In the bottom of the ninth, down by 1 run with 2 out, who would you love to face on the pitching mound?

CR: n/a

30-YOC: What is the better feeling: A game winning home run or a run-saving catch?

CR: Game winning home run!!

cody 1

30-YOC: What is it like to see Andre Dawson walking around the stadium all of the time?

CR: surreal

dawson marlins

30-YOC: Name 1 player playing today that you would love to have as a teammate.


CR: Manny Ramirez


30-YOC: Name 1 player from the 1980’s you would love to have had as a teammate.

CR: Nolan Ryan

Ryan 85

30-YOC: Name 1 pitcher from the 1980’s you would love to take a few swings against.

CR: Nolan Ryan

Ryan 83

30-YOC: Your favorite teammate on the Marlins’ roster is?

CR: Uggla, Hermida

uggla hermida

30-YOC: The funniest guy in the Marlins’ locker room is…

CR: Andy Fox

andy fox

30-YOC: The guy most worthy of Hall of Fame induction that is not a member is…

CR: Andre Dawson / Pete Rose

dawson rose

30-YOC: Do you have memorabilia from your career?  If so, what is your favorite piece?

CR: I have a lot of personalized jersey from a lot of good players and Hall of Famers.

30-YOC: Who is the biggest celebrity you have met that is a Marlins fan?

CR: I’ve met a lot but probably the most well known is Regis Philbin.


30-YOC: If you’re on a 5-hour flight, what is the one album you can listen to for the whole trip?

CR: Coldplay or George Straight

george straight

30-YOC: If this movie is on TV, I am watching it…

CR: Goodwill Hunting

goodwill hunting

30-YOC: In ‘The Cody Ross Movie’, who would you want to play you?

CR:  Matthew McConaughey


 30-YOC: If you weren’t a professional baseball player, you would be a…

CR: Rodeo Clown

rodeo clown

And there you have it.  A ton of fun with Cody Ross!!!  He has been a huge spark for the Marlins team this year and is definitely a big reason as to why they have been so competitive all year long.

Thanks Cody!!!  Go Fish!!!

Creating My Own Ron Santo Book Signing!!

Something tells me that Ron Santo is no longer out promoting his autobiography.  What makes me come to this conclusion?  Well, it’s because his book was released in 1993…

You may recall that I recently picked up this book for a relatively inexpensive price.  I have every intention of reading this book but I have 1 more in front of it to read first.  And since I have already collected signed autobiographies of former Cubs legends like Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, and Andre Dawson, I thought it would be fitting to try to get this book signed by My. Santo.

So off it goes.  The book is now in the USPS mail stream preparing to make a stop in Illinos and then to be returned back home to me.  Hopefully Mr. Santo will do me the honor of signing and personalizing this book for me as it will be another great addition to my rapidly growing collection of signed baseball memoirs!!! 


Stay tuned to ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ as I will post the results from this ‘book signing’ as soon as the book is returned to me…

1983 Fleer Lee Smith

1983 Fleer Lee Smith

Another Lee Smith card for my very small collection of Lee Smith cards.  My total count is now at three!!

And while the 1983 Fleer design is one of the worst designs of the decade(my opinion), it’s never a bad thing to add a 2nd year card of one of the greatest closers in the game to your collection.  Especially when he’s wearing the good old Red, White, and Blue colors of a certain baseball team that calls ‘The Windy City’ it’s home.

Lee Smith 83F

Is it me, or does Mr. Smith look especially thin in this photo??

Happy Birthday Rollie Fingers!!!

Rollie Fingers turns 63 years old today.

While Rollie Fingers may best be known for his famous facial hair, his solid baseball career earned him quite a bit of fame too.

A 17-year veteran, boasting 341 career saves and seven All-star appearances, Fingers was a dominant relief pitcher for more than a decade.

His best work was during the 1981 season while playing for the Milwaukee Brewers.  In that season, Fingers posted a 6-3 record while also collecting 28 saves.  He had a 1.04 ERA with 78 innings pitched.  And in those appearances he struck out 61 batters while walking just 13.  Fingers’ dominance was enough to earn him the league’s Cy Young and Most Valuable Player awards – a truly remarkable feat!!

Rollie Fingers is a 3-time World Series champion.  His efforts on the 1972-74 Oakland A’s teams help the team from ‘The Bay’ become one of baseball’s greatest dynasties!!! 

With such an impressive resume, it is kind of shocking that Fingers has a losing record.  For his career, he is 114-118.  So for his birthday, I would like to give Mr. Fingers a ‘do-over’ of the 1978 season in which he went 6-13.  I am hoping for 5 more wins than losses so this Hall of Famer could hold his head even a little higher with his above .500 winning percentage!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Fingers!!!


An Awesome Andre Dawson Game-Used Jersey Card For My Collection!!

Another wonderful game-used memorabilia card featuring my favorite player…

Coming from the 2006 SP Legendary Cuts series, this card pays special tribute to Andre’s incredible MVP season of 1987.  The card notes on the bottom – ‘1987 Cubs – First player on a last-place team to be named MVP’.  And it sounds good to me too…

And while not numbered, this card has a great-looking design.  The Gold accents peppered throughout the card bring an aura of royalty to the design.  And the large, White jersey swatch could only be improved by adding a Cubs’ pinstripe. 

Check it out:

Dawson GU #1