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My Mark Grace Rookie Collection Is Now Complete!!!

With my recent acquisition of this card,  I have finally completed my Mark Grace rookie collection.

I really like the way that this has turned out and may attempt to do this with more of the guys I cheered for from the 1980’s. 

And while I don’t have the desire to collect every Mark Grace card ever made, mainly because of the enormous amount of cards he was featured on during the 1990’s, I do like that I was able to piece together a very nice collection celebrating ‘Gracey’!!!

Here is the entire set. 

Grace Collection

George Brett 7-Up Commercial

Although this video does not come close to the comedy provided in this clip, it does show you the marketable side of George Brett.  Brett was a baseball superstar playing in the small-market area of Kansas City.  It’s nice to see that a truly talented player got his due and land a national advertising campaign that is normally reserved for players playing in NY, LA, or Chicago!!!

Eddie Murray 1984 Fleer

Eddie Murray 1984 Fleer

Here is the first of several cards of Eddie Murray that I recently picked up on Sportlots.com. 

And while the 1984 Fleer card is one of the first I ever collected as a kid, I cannot say that it was because of the great design.  The very minimal design elements of the card do very little to excite the even easily excitable collector.  And from my perspective, if this card did not include such a large picture as it’s focal point, I could cast a vote for this as being one of the worst card designs of the 1980’s.

Still, it’s a card of Eddie Murray and I am happy to be able to add it to my new player collection and scratch it off of my ‘need’ list!!

Murray 84F

Great hat Eddie!!!

Did You Know…

When sluggers Hank Greenberg and Ralph Kiner joined the Pirates, the team moved in the left-field fence by 30 feet.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – Imagine if the Oakland A’s teams of the late 1980’s had that options.  Or what about the Cardinals team of today with Pujols and Holliday.  Or Milwaukee with all of those sluggers…  Or the Phillies – Holy Cow!!!!