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Ryan Zimmerman Foils The Marlins Plans…

Ryan Zimmerman is one of those players you just cannot route against.  He is a solid major league baseball player, whose talent level is higher than most of his peers and competitors.

But when the Marlins play the Nationals, I do tend to hope he doesn’t perform at the same level I am used to seeing out of him.

And going into game 3 of this past weekend’s 3-game series with the Nats, the Marlins had done a pretty decent job of keeping Zimmerman in check while also securing 2 victories.

And in game 3 things were going very well.  As the 2 teams headed into the top of the ninth inning, the score was locked at 2 and then the Marlins managed to score 2 times giving them a favorable chance to sweep the series while also picking up a little ground in the wild card chase.  Soon the score was 4-3 and then HE stepped up to the plate.

As if it was scripted by a Hollywood director, Ryan Zimmerman blasted a 2-run game-winning, walk-off home run to win the game and foil the plans of the Marlins and their opportunity to inch a little closer to the wild card.

‘Zim’, you did it to me and it hurts!!  Against any other team I would be cheering for you, but this one was like a blow to the stomach…

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1981 Donruss Jim Palmer

1981 Donruss Jim Palmer

 Man those old Orioles hats were cool huh??  So much better than the real bird that you find on today’s caps…

The ’81 Donruss design is about as plain as it gets.  With a design element that only includes a border and team name, the card allows for the photo to be the main attraction…

… it’s just too bad they didn’t select a better picture of this baseball legend for that privilege!!! 

Palmer 81D

Happy Anniversary ‘Hard Hittin, Mark Whiten’!!!

On this day back in 1993, Mark Whiten of the St. Louis Cardinals smashed 4 home runs in 1 game!!!

On the road versus the Cincinnati Reds, Whiten had the game of his life as his Cardinals squeaked out a 14-13 victory in front of 31,000+ fans at Riverfront Stadium.

For the game, Whiten went 4-for-5 with 4 homers and collected 12 RBI.  The 12 RBI tied a major league record for the number of runs driven in by a single player during a 9-inning game.

Whiten played for 9 teams during his 11 years professional baseball career.  And in that time, he played in front of the sport’s largest crowds and it’s smallest too.  But when it comes to selecting the finest game of his career, there is not one other game that comes close.  Whiten’s performance on September 7, 1993 will go down as one of the greatest displays of power hitting in a single game that the baseball world has ever seen.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Hard Hitten, Mark Whiten’!!!