It’s All About ‘The U’!!!!

As I sit here and watch the University of Miami battle Florida State in their opening game of the 2009 college football season, I feel nostalgic.

You see, right now it can get no better for either team.  They’re both undefeated, with a handful of games ahead of them.  Tonight they battle their in-state rivals and their biggest foes.  It gets no bigger or better that Miami vs Florida State.  My mind drifts to all of the close games decided by field goals(or less).  My mind drifts to all of those close contests over the years that have built this rivalry into what it is today.

I am a Canes fan.  A very proud Canes fan.  And while I don’t hate the Seminoles(not like I do the Gators or Buckeyes), I desperately want this team to do well and make ‘The U’ a football powerhouse again.

I miss the old days…. 

Give me Ed Reed and Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne and Bernie Kosar.  I’ll take Ken Dorsey and Bubba Franks and Ray Lewis and and Santana Moss and Jerome Brown.  Hurricane football is about passion, and it’s about dedication to the team.  I remember watching Michael Irvin and Vinny Testaverde and Clinton Portis and Devin Hester.  And since I am in a mood to do a ton of name dropping, don’t let me forget about Willis McGahee or Jeremy Shockey or Dan Morgan and Jim Kelly and Frank Gore.

I was born in Miami.  My heart pumps Orange and Green.  I am a Cane.  And I live for games like tonight!!!


Go Canes!!!

2 responses to “It’s All About ‘The U’!!!!

  1. Go Canes!!!!

  2. That was a great game last night. I’m really not looking forward to playing Miami this year. Jacory (i think that’s how you spell his name) looks to be pretty good.

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