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Tony Perez Is A Funny, Funny Guy!!!

I was just going through my TTM successes of Tony Perez and was preparing to load them into top-loaders when I noticed something odd…

The 1986 card of Perez was signed perfectly.  It looks as though Tony left me perfect space to add an Eric Davis autograph to this card.  How cool would that be???


So here I am, dropping this card into a top-loader and I notice that the signature has a shine to it.  Now things get odd…


A little more odd….


OK, it’s actually ridiculous!!!


What would make a guy do this?  Is he chuckling as he signs the sleeve??  Are he and Eric Davis celebrating a classic prank pulled on ’30-YOC’??  My head is full of questions and no answers I can come up with make sense…

I have heard horror stories about Tony Perez for a few years.  An unfriendly and grumpy guy who doesn’t care to interact with the public.  And his desire to sign autographs, specifically those on baseball cards, is hardly willing…

And now this.  Where does my opinion go from here?  I just don’t know.  Of the three cards Perez ‘signed’ for me, I still have 1 that is flawless…  I guess that beggars can’t be choosers!!!

Tony Perez TTM Success!!!

I don’t care that it took 238 days.  After all, it’s Tony Perez and he’s one of the key cogs in ‘The Big Red Machine’.

Perez is a Hall of Famer and 2-time World Series champion.  His 23-year career was full of 25+ HR, 100+ RBI seasons along with dazzling play at first base.

I sent these three cards to Tony Perez prior to the start of the 2009 Spring Training season.  And even though 1 of these was badly smeared in it’s penny sleeve, I am thrilled to add 2 beautifully signed cards to my collection.

He has a pretty sweet signature huh???

Perez Trio

Darryl Strawberry 1987 Donruss

Darryl Strawberry 1987 Donruss

This is a rather boring card of Straw.  The ’87 Donruss design never did much for me, and if I am going to enjoy a card with black borders, I am choosing ’71 Topps each and every time!!!

The image used for this card is rather ho-hum.  The picture offers little energy or excitement.  From my perspective, I feel that if you’re going to shoot a picture of a guy playing catch, at least get a little more action into the shot.  Shooting a picture from the chest-up, offers little to the imagination.  Give me a shot of his arm cocked and ready to fire away.  Show him with his glove wide open ready to receive a toss from another outfielder.  Anything could have been better than this…

Straw 87 Donruss

I’m happy to scratch this one off of my ‘need list’!!

Happy Anniversary Robin Yount!!!

On this day back in 1992, you collected hit number 3,000 of your career – a true testament to his talent and dedication to the game of baseball.

At home, and in front of 47,000+ Brewers fans, Yount took center stage as he entered the game with 2,999 career hits.  All of the fans in attendance were there to witness baseball history and it would not take too long for that to occur.  In the bottom of the 7th inning, Yount hit a single off of Indians pitcher Jose Mesa as he collected hit #3,000.

What is also extremely impressive about this feat is that Robin yount routinely had 150+ hits per season.  He was a skilled and patient hitter and never struck out more than 94 times in a single year!!

Congratulations Mr. Yount!!!


BREAKING NEWS: Cameron Maybin Launches One Into The New York Night!!!

In just his 7th game back with the ball club, Cameron Maybin just blasted a 2-run home run to deep center field at Citi Field.  And for those of you familiar with that ballpark, he actually hit the ball into the area that houses ‘The Big Apple’.

The shot was a deep blast that went roughly 415 feet!!!


Go Get “Em Cameron!!!