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‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #2

Same Card, Different Paths – Card #2

1986 Fleer – Card #649 – AKA – ‘The Jose Canseco Rookie Card’

Canseco 86F

Eric Plunk – Plunk’s career lated 14 seasons and he ended up with a 72-58 record during that time.  Used as a starter, middle reliever, and closer over the course of his career, Plunk was a valuable asset to the 4 teams he played for, yet he was never able to latch onto any one roster and become a regular in their pitching rotation. 

Jose Canseco – Canseco will be best known for his off-the-field issues, but his baseball talents cannot be denied.  Canseco was the first player to earn entry into the 40/40 club as he created a new baseball milestone that only elite players have been able to achieve.  Canseco has 462 career home runs and had it not been for a string of injuries late in his career 500 and possibly 600 were in his sights.  He is a former Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, 6-time All-star, 4-time Silver Slugger winner, and 2-time World Series champion.

Mustaches were cheap back in 1986…

A ‘Grab-Bag’ From The Ultimate Andre Dawson Collector!!!

How do I start this?  Let’s see, I met Craig on Ebay.  I had bought a pretty nice sized handful of Andre Dawson certified autograph and game used cards from him.  Over the course of emailing back and forth, I mentioned my blog and he said that he was a frequent visitor.

Our love for Andre Dawson and the cards that honor his career have bonded us.  And while I cannot come close to the volume of incredible cards that Craig has picked up featuring ‘The Hawk’, I can certainly enjoy his collection too.  You should check out his site, as it is a player collector’s dream.  It’s a complete resource of cards featuring Andre, while also providing you with an opportunity to trade with Craig as he continues to build his collection.

That brings me to the purpose of this post…

I wanted to add some ‘new’ Dawson cards to my collection, but also wanted to include the element of surprise.  I sent an email to Craig asking if I could send him a specific amount of money in exchange for some cards.  I also included my list of cards I currently owned to avoid any duplication.  Although he has stopped selling on Ebay for the time being, he has offered me cards in the past via email.  I thought that this approach added a nice element of surprise, similar to that of a ‘Grab-Bag’.  My goal was simple – volume!!  And my only special request was to get 1 ‘Tools Of The Trade’ card if possible as I have fallen in love with that card’s design!!!

So off my money went, and in came the cards… 


Boy did he deliver…

I wanted to capture the entire  lot at once as a way to say ‘Thanks’ to Craig.  There is some incredible stuff here, and I cannot wait to scan and share each and every card with the readers of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’!!  Stay tuned.

Thanks again Craig!!!

Eddie Murray 1983 Donruss

Eddie Murray 1983 Donruss

Here is the 1983 Donruss Eddie Murray card.  It features a staple of 1980’s baseball card collecting – players in batting cages!!!

So here stands Eddie in the cage with a practice jersey and sweat suit on.  Even during ‘practice’, Eddie looks as focused as ever. 

A true baseball machine!!!

Murray 83D

Did You Know…

Long before Frank Thomas, Yankee pitcher Stan Williams was known as ‘The Big Hurt’.  He got the nickname with his first road trip with the team – when he accidentally spiked the bare-foot Mickey mantle in an adjacent toilet stall.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – A classic tale!!