2 Mystery Packages Have Been Shipped…

I admit it.  I have been fighting the urge to get back into the TTM game for some time now…

I have seen some tremendous TTM successes lately and I admit that I am jealous.  Jealous of the great autographs these collectors have added to their collections – AlfredoDan, and Zach .  And I’m also jealous of their dedication to this part of the hobby too. 

I don’t know if I have just been lazy or what, but it has been some time since I sent anything to a player and I want to start back up again!!!  I am in desperate need of supplies(mainly cards) so I have some shopping to do before I start so I thought I would send out some baseballs while I build up a stack of cards to send out…

I’m getting back into the game!!!!

And away we go!!!! 


One response to “2 Mystery Packages Have Been Shipped…

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