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‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #3

Same Card, Different Paths – Card #3

1977 Topps – Card #473 – AKA – ‘The Andre Dawson Rookie Card’

dawson rookie

Andre Dawson – Dawson was the complete player, one of the rare ‘5-Tool Players’ to debut during the 1970’s.  His ability to hit for average, hit for speed, run the bases, play defense, and throw quickly put him on par with the sport’s best players.  The 1977 Rookie of the Year and 1987 Most Valuable Player awards highlighted his playing days alongside being an 8-time All-star, 8-time Gold Glove award winner, and 4-time Silver Slugger winner.

Gene Richards – Gene Richards had a solid 8-year career.  A good contact hitter, Richards retired with a career average of .290 alongside 1,028 hits.  His mos notable skill was base stealing.  In his 8-year career, Richards stole 247 bases, and had 4 seasons of 30+ swipes.

John Scott – Scott’s career lasted just 3 years and he only played in 118 games.  With a batting average of just .240, Scott was quickly out of a job and out of the league.

Denny Walling – Denny Walling had an impressive 18-year career in the big leagues.  A talented player with not one clearly defined skill, Walling out up average numbers, but his consistency kept him in the league for close to 2 decades.  With 799 hits, 372 runs scored, 380 RBI, and 49 home runs, Walling was often used as a utility player during his career.

You’ve got to love the old-school logo caps on this card…

Dustin Pedroia Keeps The Laughs Coming…

If you missed the first commercial I featured with Dustin Pedroia you can check it out here.

And now here he is again bringing us another humourous commercial….

Thanks DP!!!

Darryl Strawberry 1987 Topps All-Star

Darryl Strawberry 1987 Topps All-Star

I like the 1987 Topps design.  I enjoy the fact that Topps paid a little homage to the 25th Anniversary of their ’62 design.

And if you’re a consistent reader of ’30-YOC’, you also know that I enjoy an All-star card as much as I do a regular base card…

But with that being said, I have to admit that Topps often issued terrible All-star cards.  And this is one of them!!!

No offense to Darryl Strawberry, but this card does nothing for me as a player collector.  It’s cool that it celebrates Darryl’s accomplishment of making the All-star team.  So, why not show me, visually, one of the many reasons that he earned this status.  Give me a picture of his mighty swing.  Show me his leg kick as he prepares to dig in and take a crack at the incoming pitch.  Show him in the field chasing down a fly ball or firing in a throw from the outfield.  Give me something that honors the man and his accomplishment of being an elite player.

Straw 87 Topps AS

Scratch another one of the list…

Did You Know…

In 2000, Diamondback Luis Gonzalez became the first player to hit home runs into two bodies of water.  In April he cracked a longball into the pool at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, and in September he knocked one into McCovey Cove in San Francisco.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’