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RESULTS: Ron Santo Book Signing!!!

You may recall that a few weeks ago I sent Ron Santo a copy of his autobiography and asked him to sign it for me.  You can re-read that post here if you’d like to.

Last night when I got home, there was an unmistakable package in my mailbox and my Ron Santo book was home.

In just 3 short weeks, Ron Santo obliged my autograph request and signed his book for me.  And not only did the great people at Major Memories, the company that works with Santo, process my request quickly, but they also sent over a Certificate of Authenticity which can double as a bookmark.

On to the photos…




Another Thank You has to go out to Ron Santo who has provided some great autographs to me and my growing collection!!!  Thanks!!!

The Best Baseball Commercial I Have Seen This Year!!!

I’ve seen and shown you a lot of great baseball commercials this year.  But this one is by far the best. 

And it just so happens to feature the best player in the game too!!!


1973 Topps Jim Palmer

1973 Topps Jim Palmer

I went a little old-school with this one…  So far this is the oldest Jim Palmer card that I have added to my collection!!

And it’s a pretty sweet one too.

And while that famous wind-up is the same, the ’73 Topps card captures Palmer’s 70’s look perfectly.  With his wild, unruly hair sticking out from underneath his baseball cap, Palmer looks better suited to be on the beach rather than on a major league pitching mound. 

But don’t be fooled!!!  Palmer was a monster of a pitcher.  And in 1973, he captured the first of three Cy Young awards.  With a 22-9 record alongside a career best 2.40 ERA, Palmer was the king of the American League.  He tossed 296 innings in that season while striking out 158 batters and allowing just 79 earned runs.

I love this card.  And I am very happy to add it to my player collection!!!

Palmer 1973T