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October Is Here. You Know What That Means…

That’s right.  It’s October.  And in typical ’30-Yoc’ fashion, I will dedicate an entire series of posts over the course of the month to Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson.

Like I did last year, I will post stories, videos, and cards all featuring the incredible and incomparable baseball legend and Hall of Famer.

Reggie had a tremendous career and is known as one of the game’s greatest characters. 

This will be fun!!! 

Reggie A's Photo

Happy Birthday Mark McGwire!!!

Mark McGwire turns 46 years old today.

It amazes me that Mark McGwire has been out of baseball since 2001.  And although back injuries, and a man named Pujols, have a lot to do with his exit from the game, you have to wonder how much more a healthy ‘Big Mac’ could have given us.

Mark McGwire is the greatest power hitter of my generation.  Of all of the players that have played the game in the last 25 years, I believe he is the best single-skill player of them all.  Not a good contact hitter,  no speed,  and not the most talented player with the glove, McGwire could do one thing better than anyone else – hit the ball out of the park!!! 

McGwire retired from the game with 583 career home runs.  He collected those homers in 6,187 at bats which gives him a home run in every 10.6 at bats over the course of his 16- year career.  One has to wonder how many more dingers a healthy Mark McGwire could have crushed.  4 more years equals 160+ home runs which surpasses the 700 HR Club!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. McGwire!!! 


Happy Birthday Rod Carew!!

Rod Carew turns 64 years old today.

I consider Rod Carew to be one of the most underrated superstars in baseball history.

Yes, I know he’s a Hall of Famer.  And yes, I know he is an 18-time All-star.  And yes, he was a constant threat to win the league’s MVP award for most of his career.

But when people talk about the greatest hitters in the sport’s history, Carew gets very little credit yet his numbers stack up quite well to the competition.  In 19 seasons, Carew collected 3,053 hits alongside a .320 batting average.  He also managed to score 1,424 runs, drive in 1,015 runs, and steal 353 bases.

The reason that Rod Carew remains under the radar is thay he played for very low-profile teams – the Twins and Angels.

So, for Mr. Carew’s birthday I would like to give him the fame and attention he would have received if he had played in New York or Chicago or St. Louis.  Maybe then he would be mentioned more often in the discussion of the game’s greatest hitters!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Carew!!


The Field Is Set For The ‘MVP For A Day’ Contest.

Ok, the field is finally set for this contest and games get underway shortly.

Here is a list of the players and who they have selected as their ‘MVP For A Day’:

packaddict – Albert Pujols

MattR – Pablo Sandoval

Brian – Ian Kinsler

Hackenbush – Derrek Lee

Dan – Joey Votto

The Gooch – Ryan Howard

Sean – Evan Longoria

wickedortega – Joe Mauer

Tim – Andrew McCutchen

zman40 – Miguel Cabrera

Charley – Kendry Morales

Rod – Prince Fielder

Night Owl – Curtis Granderson

Fuji – Kurt Suzuki

Drew – Mark Teixeira

Victor – A-Rod

Thorzul – Troy Tulowitzki

Shue – Dustin Pedroia

Good luck to you all!!!!