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Sending An Autograph And Interview Request To Marlins Super-Rookie Chris Coghlan!!!

We’ll see how this goes.  It’s been great to watch this young guy get better and better as each week passes.

Coghlan has been nothing short of spectacular for the Marlins this year and I hope he gets a lot of support when voting comes up for the Rookie of the Year Award in a few weeks. I am clearly biased, since I am a loyal Marlins fan, but this guy has been an awesome leadoff  hitter.

His confidence at the plate matches that of a veteran.  His defense has been solid and considering the fact that he was an infielder prior to be called up he has done a great job learning how to play in the outfield during some ‘on-the-job-training’.

Enclosed in this package is a ’20-Questions’ interview as well as 9 cards of Coghlan that I picked up recently online.  Hopefully the interview comes back complete, and I score a great autograph for my Marlins collection too!!


Here is the package I sent.  It should meet Chris back at the stadium once the Marlins return from their final road trip of the 2009 season.

Wish me luck!!!

Eddie Murray 1988 Score

Eddie Murray 1988 Score

The debut of 1988’s Score baseball card brand brought us a lively set with very high quality photography.

The set’s rainbow themed borders was an interesting design element.  I always wondered how they chose which players would land in the different color blocks that they set up.  Since the cards were not organized by team, or last name, or any other obvious manner, I was curious to know how each guy landed in their ‘color block’.

This Eddie Murray card is very close to perfect.  In fact, the only thing I don’t care for is the white, inner-border that intersects Eddie’s helmet in this photo.  If that small border were not there, this could very well be the best looking Eddie Murray card I have picked up so far in my journey.

I still wonder how this card would look with a different border color like the Green, Blue, or Orange that Score used in ’88.  Maybe one of you with some PhotoShop skills can show us….

Murray 88S

And The ‘MVP For A Day’ Contest Winner Is…

Thorzul author of the blog ‘Thorzul Will Rule’.

Here are the results from what was an  action-packed night of baseball:

Thorzul – Troy Tulowitzki 36
wickedortega – Joe Mauer 33
Charley – Kendry Morales 33
Brian – Ian Kinsler 28
Night Owl – Curtis Granderson 18
MattR – Pablo Sandoval 15
The Gooch – Ryan Howard 11
packaddict – Albert Pujols 6
Shue – Dustin Pedroia 6
Rod – Prince Fielder 5
Fuji – Kurt Suzuki 5
Dan – Joey Votto -5
Sean – Evan Longoria -5
Drew – Mark Teixeira DNP
Victor – A-Rod DNP
Hackenbush – Derrek Lee Canceled
Tim – Andrew McCutchen Canceled


Congratulations to Thorzul!!!  Send me a quick email with your address and your cards will be on their way!!! 


Thanks to everyone who participated in my ‘MVP For A Day’ contest!!!!!