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Dave Winfield’s Hall Of Fame Plaque

Voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001, Dave Winfield was elected into the Hall during his first year of eligibility.

A ‘5-Tool Player’ with the ability to dominate the game with his amazing athletic skills. 

His power hitting, speed on the base paths, defensive strengths, and timely hits were all parts of the amazing 22-year career that Dave Winfield enjoyed during his time in the league.

Winfield 9

The plaque is far from perfect, but it’s also far from great.  Some of these busts look very similar to the player and some look nothing like them at all.  This one, kind of a mix of both…

Dave Winfield – World Series Champion!!!

It’s amazing to look at the rosters Dave Winfield was a part of during his career and to see that he only played in the World Series twice.

Winning 1 and losing 1, Winfield became a World Series champion with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992.

On a roster full of stars like John Olerud, Roberto Alomar, Devon White, Joe Carter, David Cone, Al Leiter, Jack Morris, Jimmy Key, and David Wells, this team was stacked with baseball talent that was primed for a championship!!!

While playing in 6 games, Winfield batted .227 while collecting 5 hits.  He also tallied 3 RBI during the ‘Fall Classic’

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Dave Winfield Won A Silver Slugger Award 6 Times…

There are a ton of myths about the Silver Slugger award and how the award winners are named.

Popularity, yes.  Politics, sure.  The award is given to the best hitters at each defensive position.  And with no official voting results announced, baseball does a good job awarding the sport’s biggest stars with this offensive award.

Dave Winfield has won 6 Silver Slugger awards during his playing days.  And while ‘Big Dave’ never won a batting title or eclipsed the 200-hit club over the course of his career, he was the model of consistency and that landed him with 3,110 career hits.

Congratulations ‘Big Dave’!!!!

Winfield 7

Dave Winfield Joins The 400 Home Run Club!!!

A big-time slugger, Dave Winfield was the picture of power hitting consistency.

Winfield retired with 465 career home runs and ranks in 37th place in baseball history.  Had he been strictly a power hitter, there is no doubt that ‘Big Dave’ would have easily eclisped the 500 home run milestone and who knows how much farther he could have gone?

In 22 seasons, Winfield connected for double-digit home runs 20 times.  And in those 20 seasons, he hit the 20+ home run mark 12 times and the 30+ mark 3 times.

Winfield is one of a very small handful of players to reach both the 3,000 hits club and 400 home run club.

Winfield 6

Dave Winfield Owns 7 Gold Gloves

With surprising speed, great footwork, and a gun of an arm, Dave Winfield was a dominant outfielder.

His ability to track balls down and get to plays that few could reach made Winfield stand out as a defensive star.  His long legs certainly helped him reach balls quickly while in the field.  And his amazingly strong and accurate arm stopped most base runners from extending hits for extra bases when ‘Big Dave’ was in the outfield.

During his career, Winfield collected 7 Gold Glove trophies.  He retired with a fielding percentage of .982 and had an amazing 166 assists.

Winfield 5

Dave Winfield Was A 12-Time All-Star!!!

Winfield has reason to smile.  In his 22-season career he made the All-star team 12 times.

A consistent performer, with a likeable persona, Winfield was a fan favorite.  And once he hit his stride in the big leagues, his dominant athletic ability took over and he was awarded with 12 straight All-star game appearances from 1977-1988.

What I find most amazing about this accomplishment is that during that 12-year stretch of All-star game appearances, Winfield changed team and leagues yet he was able to perform at a superior level without missing a beat.

Congratulations Dave Winfield!!!

Winfield 4

Dave Winfield And The 3,000 Hits Club

On September 16, 1993, ‘Big’ Dave Winfield collected hit #3,000 of his amazing baseball career.

Playing for the Minnesota Twins and at home for this game, Winfield went 2-for-5 as the team’s designated hitter. 

Hit #3,000 was a single hit in the bottom of the 7th inning against Athletic’s hurler Kelly Downs.

What I find most notable about this accomplishment is that Dave Winfield was primarily known as a power hitter during his playing days.  A man of his size was the home run hitter, not the contact guy.  But Winfield’s rare ability to combine both power and contact hitting put him on par with the best guys from both categories!!!

Congratulations ‘Big Dave’!!!

Winfield 3

Dave Winfield – The Athlete

Sure.  You would expect a man of Dave Winfield’s size would have some athletic ability.  Standing at 6 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing in at 220 pounds he is a mountain of a man and dwarfs many of the players he played with and against during his career.

Winfield’s skill went way beyond ordinary.  He had the perfect combination of power, speed, balance, control, and agility to allow him to excel at all he sports in tried.

In fact, during Winfield’s college days, not only did he star as the team’s best hitter, outfielder, and pitcher(yes, pitcher), but he also helped lead the school’s basketball team to a Big Ten Championship in 1972.  And while with the team he was their best rebounder due to his size, strength, and athletic ability.  He was drafted out of college by teams in both the NBA and ABA.

Winfield was such a physical presence that he was even drafted to play in the NFL – and he never played a single minute of college football!!  His hometown team, the Minnesota Vikings picked him in the 17th round of the NFL Draft.

Winfield shunned offers by the NFL, NBA, and ABA to continue playing the sport he loved best – Baseball!!!

Thankfully, he made the right decision!!!

Winfield 2

Happy Birthday Dave Winfield!!!

Dave Winfield turns 58 years old today!

And if you’re a baseball fan, you have no doubt caught Winfield on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight program.  Winfield looks great for his age and appears to still be in very good shape.  It’s nice to see the baseball heroes of my childhood like Winfield, Dawson, and Henderson stay in good shape.  It really bothers me when a player is unrecognizable due to their lack of physical activity after leaving the game.

As you know by now I try to give my favorite players something special for their birthday.  Today is no different.  I will honor ‘Big Dave’ on his birthday by bringing you a day full of his amazing baseball accomplishments.

Happy Birthday Mr. Winfield!!

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