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Andre Dawson 2004 Playoff Honors ‘Awards’

This card is from the 2004 Playoff Honors subset titled ‘Honors’.

Numbered 1462/1987, this card honors Andre’s amazing MVP season of 1987 and cleverly has the serial number matching his amazing year.

While the card has a little too much of a ‘photo-shopped’ feel for me, I will never complain about adding a new Andre Dawson card to my player collection.  And if it’s honoring one of the most memorable MVP seasons that I have ever witnessed, I am going to be all over it!!! 

DC 6

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick Subset – 5 Cards Deep

 I am now 5 cards into this subset, and it has been fun to recap these guys and their careers.

A little less than 1/2 way complete, this set offers a great mix of some of the most talented kids to have ever played the game.  And while not all, or not many, of them reached what was to be their full potential in the major leagues, this set offers a glimpse of the full spectrum of what happens to the players given the tag as the ‘#1 Draft Pick’.

5 down, 7 to go!!!


Draft Set 5 cards

127 Seconds of Reggie Jackson Greatness!!!

This is a great 2-minute look at the career of Reggie Jackson!!

And while it is impossible to summarize what Reggie meant to the sport in just 2 minutes, this video offers a great, and complete recap.

Very well done.