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My 350th Different Andre Dawson Baseball Card!!!

Here it is folks, card #350 in my Andre Dawson Player Collection.  And it’s a beauty….

The card comes from the 2005 Donruss Classics subset titled ‘Home Run Heroes’ and is serial numbered as #589/1000.

This card looks great, and the scan doesn’t quite do it justice.  I really like the ‘fireman-esque’ logo in the top-right corner of the card that pays tribute to Andre’s 49-HR season of 1987.  The Gold color used on the badge as well as the Donruss logo really look great on this Brown-ish background. 

And as you all know by now, I enjoy Black & White photography on my baseball cards.  But I do have to wonder what this card would look like if it had a color photo of Andre in its place.  I don’t want to take anything away from this card’s vintage feel I am just curious to know if the overall look of the card would be greater or worse with a color photo!!!

DC 7

So there you have it, card #350 is in the books.  I’ve got #400 in my sights already so stay tuned as I continue to build up my Dawson collection as I honor my favorite player from my childhood!!!  Thanks.

1981 Topps Reggie Jackson All-Star Card

1981 Topps Reggie Jackson All-Star Card

Reggie Jackson was a 14-time major league All-star.  And although he never walked away with the MVP award from any of those mid-season celebrations honoring the game’s greatest players, he was definitely one of the biggest stars!!!

Of all of the cards produced honoring Reggie’s All-star selections, this one is my favorite:

Reggie 81T AS

Greg Maddux 1988 Topps

Greg Maddux 1988 Topps

If I needed to select just 1 word to describe this card, it would be classic!!!

From the design, to the image used, to the team’s name as the headline, to the player’s name thrown across a banner in the lower-right corner.  It all screams classic design.  And if I was showing off my vintage cards to someone who was not familiar with cards from that era, this one would mix in perfectly.

So here is another card for my Greg Maddux player collection.  The cards are starting to add up nicely, and quick too!!! 

Maddux 88T

Happy Anniversary Don Larsen!!!

On this day in 1956, and front of the world, Don Larsen threw a perfect game in Game 5 of the World Series.

More than 50 years later, this game is still talked about during each post-season.  Many consider this pitching performance by Larsen to be the greatest single-game performance in baseball’s great history.

In Yankee Stadium, and with 64,000+ fans behind him, Larsen and his teammates were battling their cross-town rivals, the Brooklyn Dodgers. 

Larsen’s numbers looked like this:

9 innings pitched.  0 runs allowed.  0 hits given up.  0 walks.  0 base runners.

A truly remarkable and historic event!!!  Happy Anniversary Mr. Larsen!!!!