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1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Al Chambers

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Al Chambers

 Al Chambers had a very brief major league baseball career.  And although he played for the Seattle Mariners for three seasons, he only appeared in 57 games. 

While with the Mariners, he split time between the outfield and designated hitter.  And in those 57 games, Chambers collected 25 hits, 2 home runs, and 11 RBI.

Quite a bust for a #1 pick, huh????

85T Chambers

Overall ranking – 1 out of 10.  1 point earned for being the #1 draft pick.

2 More Tire Commercials Starring Red Sox MVP Dustin Pedroia…

Will these be the last two videos I feature of former Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Dustin Pedroia???  I don’t know….

In the first video, we get a ‘green’ Dustin acting like a robot in this pre-video game personality commercial:

And then things get a little more lively when the newest member of the Hall of Fame, Mr. Jim Rice, gets involved….

Darryl Strawberry 1987 Topps

Darryl Strawberry 1987 Topps

 Zoom out man, zoom out!!!!

By now, the readers of this blog know that my favorite cards are those that feature full-body, action photos.  I like to see it all – from the bottom of their cleats to the top of their shiny helmets!!!

I love the ’87 Topps set.  As a kid I probably put together no less than 5 complete sets of these wood-grained beauties due to all of the packs I ripped through…

And this card of Darryl Strawberry is great.  But it could be so much better too.  If the photographer had zoomed out just a bit more, it would be great to see the full bat all the way down to Darryl’s shoes!!

Close to perfect, this is another great addition to my Darryl Strawberry player collection.

Straw 87 Topps

1984 Topps Celebrates Reggie Jackson – Part 1

1984 Topps Celebrates Reggie Jackson – Part 1

The 1984 Topps set included a small series of cards paying homage to the active leaders in the major statistical categories for both offense and defense. 

This is the card that features the Top 3 active leaders in career hits.

Reggie 84T 2

At the time that this card was produced, Reggie had 2,176 career hits.  Upon retirement a few years later he would end his career with 2,584 hits. 

Reggie Jackson is one of few members of the 2,500 hits/500 home run club.  And although there are players that have surpassed his stats, very few have done it with Reggie’s style!!!