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HUGE TTM SUCCESS!!! – Pete Rose Signed Baseball!!! Wow!!!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!!!

I sent a 1985 Donruss card to Pete Rose more than 6 months ago and have yet to receive it back.  And between the many blogs I surf and the autograph websites I frequent, I continued to see successful returns from ‘Charlie Hustle’.  So this time I decided to send a ball and a check for Mr. Rose as I have been dying to add his great autograph to my collection.

And now I am thrilled to announce that ‘Mystery Package #2’ has returned home safely and it is AWESOME!!!!

With the help of a check that I wrote, Pete Rose signed this baseball for me and even added #4256 for his career hits total as an inscription.  I know that adding a check to my letter increased my odds of getting this ball back with Rose’s signature, but I hope that the emotional letter I sent also pulled its weight too.  In my head it certainly helped.

In just over a month I am thrilled to have this ball back home and will proudly display it with the rest of my collection.  This one certainly ranks near the top for me!!!

On to the spoils…


1990 Bowman Greg Maddux

1990 Bowman Greg Maddux

Wow, what a thrilling card huh??  Here is Greg Maddux’s 1990 Bowman card featuring his high school minor league Spring Training picture.

I’ve got nothing left to say about this card other than I happy I no longer have to hunt it down to add it to my Maddux Collection!!

Maddux had a solid year in 1990.  He started 35 games for the Cubbies and finished with a 15-15 record.  He won his first Gold Glove that year for defensive excellence and was en route to win 17 more in the next 18 seasons.

Enjoy the card…  YUCK!!!

Maddux 90B

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Darryl Strawberry

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Darryl Strawberry

What can I say, Straw was the man!!  Of all of the cards in this 12-card set, I believe that this is the highlight.

Darryl Strawberry made an immediate impact on the sport during his debut in 1983.  The league’s Rookie of the Year played like a seasoned veteran and quickly became the centerpiece of the New York Mets and their championship roster.

Equipped with the perfect blend of speed and power, Straw’s talents landed him on 8 consecutive All-star teams while he and the Mets took baseball by storm.  His career home run total of 335 and stolen base count of 221 along with his 1,000 career RBI show just how versatile and steady he was.

Strawberry had his share of setbacks during his career that didn’t allow him to become the MVP that he had the talent to be.  Yet he still found himself as a member of 3 World Series Championship teams!!!

85T Strawberry

Overall ranking – 9.5 out of 10.  Points earned for eclipsing the 300-HR mark and 200 steals plateau.  More points for 8 All-star nods and his amazing count of 3 World Series championship rings.   1/2 point deduction because there is still that lingering thought of ‘What Could Have Been’.