1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick Subset – 8 Cards Into It!!!

It’s official!!!  I now own 8 cards of this set and I’m 66% of the way to the finish line!!!

I probably could have completed this set by now, but my strategy while going after this set was a little different from others I have collected in the past. You see, I am collecting these in sequential order(imagine doing that with a base set, no thanks!!).  I could use the card numbers on the back of the card to do this, but for me it has been more fun to focus on the set and what it’s importance is.  On the upper-left hand side of the card along with the #1 Draft Pick logo is the year that the player was drafted.  So my goal when starting this little 12-card subset was to not only get them all and learn about the guys featured but to also get them in the order in which they were drafted.  So that’s what I’m doing…

And now onto the first 8:

Draft Set 8 cards

Just 4 more to go…

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