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Where Have All Of The A-Rod Haters Gone???

As I sit here and get ready for the start of Game 6 between the Yankees and Angels, I have to wonder where all of the A-Rod haters have gone…

Being the highest paid player in  the sport will come with a ton of expectations and criticism.  And while A-Rod has yet to be successful in the playoffs prior to this year, I see very little on the web about how he has carried the Yankee offense into this Game 6 showdown.

I don’t know why, but I expect the same levels of criticism and credit to be given by the media yet it rarely happens that way.  For years Alex Rodriguez has been tagged as a fraud or a choke artist.  He has had to carry that burden with him while still putting up amazing numbers during the regular season.  And this year, while he is batting close to .400 in the playoffs and driving in runs at a record pace he gets very little attention.

Listen, the Yankees line-up is full of stars.  Full of guys that can carry a team and an offense.  But A-Rod is the one doing it!!!  It’s time to give him some credit, pat him on the back, and thank him for making watching each and every at-bat he has had in the playoffs enjoyable!!!

Thank you Alex!!! 

ALCS Yankees Angels Baseball

1989 Upper Deck Greg Maddux – Front & Back

I like to share the new additions I pick up for my player collections.  But it is very rare that I would showcase the back of a card…

For the 1989 Upper Deck Greg Maddux card, I will make an exception!!!

In ’89 these cards overwhelmed collectors with its high quality, glossy cardboard and great photography.  And adding a large photo on the back sealed the deal as the hobby’s best looking brand.

The front of the card features Maddux in the beginning stages of his wind-up…. 

Maddux 89UD 1

 … while the back of the card shows his follow-through as he delivers another pitch toward home plates…

Maddux 89UD 2

During my collecting days as a kid, I had a few of the ’89 Upper Deck sets.  Today those days are just memories… 

I wonder if anyone ever put these cards in boxes or in plastic sleeves with the card backs being the feature.  Something tells me the set could still hold it’s weight…

Happy Anniversary Joe Carter!!!

On this day in 1993 Joe Carter hit one of the most recognizable home runs in World Series history.  On baseball’s biggest stage, he rose to the occasion and secured his spot as one of the game’s biggest heroes.

I remember watching this game and seeing the joy in Joe’s eyes, smile, and body language as he rounded the bases after blasting this huge World Series winning home run.  As kids, we all dream of this exact spot that Joe Carter was in on that night in October.  His boyhood dream became reality right in front of our eyes and it was an amazing sight to witness.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Carter!!