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Starting My Andre Dawson ‘Tools Of The Trade’ Set

I LOVE these cards.  I know very little about them, but what I do know counts!!  I KNOW that they look amazing!!!

I have wanted to go after these for a while now, and I am happy to announce that I now have 4 of these beauties in my Dawson collection.  I also have 1 that contains game-used relics as well.

The card design is perfect, and is definitely one of my favorites from the modern-era.

Here is what I have picked up so far…

Red Chrome – 76/100

tools 4

Red – 82/200

tools 3

Blue Chrome – 20/50

tools 2

Blue – 99/150

tools 1

See, I told you they looked great!!!

I am not sure if it is because the color scheme works well with the Cubs uniform and logo – but I cannot get enough of these!!

So, if you have any of these and are willing to trade, please let me know.  I’m also looking for a little assistance in learning more about these cards.  How many more versions are there?  How rare are they?  Am I just chasing my tail in hopes of picking up more??

Any and all information provided is very appreciated!!  Thanks.

SportLots.com Has Been Very, Very Good To Me!!!!

Being a player collector is hard work.  Being a player collector of players that are no longer active may be ever harder.

Luckily, I enjoy the challenge!!!

When it comes to obtaining cards for my player collections, I have been able to secure cards in a vast number of ways.  Trades, baseball card shows, baseball card stores, and through Ebay auctions have been tools I have used to build my collections.

But the #1 way I have been able to build these up is through www.sportlots.com.  This website has offered me a very affordable, organized, and easy way to find the cards I crave.  While Ebay may be fancier with its hi-res images and powerful buying tools, I find most of the singles on Ebay to be over-priced.  Sportlots.com offers a different and somewhat tougher shopping experience but the result is saving quite a bit of money while also finding cards in a more organized manner.

Here is my latest purchase from 3 different sellers on the site.


In this stack of 51 cards, I have been able to take some big bites into my current player collections.  We have Eddies, Darryls, Palmers, Madduxs, and of course Dawsons!!

As a result of this purchase, I’ve got a bit of organizing to do as well as some player checklists to update.

If you haven’t checked out their site, I suggest logging onto www.sportlots.com to see the shopping experience that they offer.  It’s not for everyone, but it certainly works for this player collector!!!

**Hat-tip tp Brad from Rickey Henderson Collectibles for advising me to check out this site as I was building my now completed Rickey Henderson collection.  Thanks Brad!!!

Did You Know…

During a double-header on May 2, 1954, Stan Musial became the first player to hit five home runs on the same day.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – Amazingly, Musial wasn’t really known as a true power guy…