1989 Fleer Greg Maddux – For The Record

1989 Fleer Greg Maddux – For The Record

This is a very interesting card.

There are design elements that I like, and then are ones that I don’t…

First, the positives.  I love the scoreboard background that Fleer used for this card.  It works well and instantly adds a great baseball feel to the design.  Adding this player’s image on top of the scoreboard really makes them pop, and this action shot of Maddux looks great!!

And now the negatives.  I really don’t care for the font used for the headline of this card.  It screams bubble gum card to me, and seems very childish.  The Red, White, and Yellow coloring really doesn’t do anything for the card – Fleer should have tried to continue with the scoreboard theme and maybe put the player’s name and card headline in similar color and font styles to make the card gel.

Overall, I like this card.  It looks very nice and will instantly make a nice addition to my Greg Maddux player collection!!

Maddux 89F FTR

One response to “1989 Fleer Greg Maddux – For The Record

  1. I love this card, one of my favorites in my Maddux collection. I loved that you could only get these if you bought the Fleer Rack Packs.

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