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1988 Score’s Salute To Reggie Jackson – Card #4

1988 Score’s Salute To Reggie Jackson – Card #4

The 4th card in this series, this one pays tribute to Reggie’s years with the California Angels.  Reggie played 5 seasons for the halos from 1982-1986.

Nearing the tail-end of his career, Reggie proved that he was still able to perform on a daily basis and put up big numbers when given the opportunity.  In 5 years with the team, Reggie hit 123 home runs and drove in 374 runs.  And if you want to compare what he did in New York to his time in California, he hit 144 bombs in NY and drove in 461. 

It’s nice to see that Reggie did not go through the normal decline of power that many of his peers experienced during their mid-to-late thirties.

Score Reggie 4

My World Series Prediction. What’s Yours??

I have wavered back and forth for days about who I think will win the World Series…

These teams appear to be so evenly matched in the more important aspects of the game that I think the winner will come down to a very simple equation – The team that makes the fewest mistakes will win!!!

But who will that be??  What team will make the fewest base running errors?  What team will have the fewest passed balls?  Who is going to capitalize and score runs based as a result of these kinds of errors?  Whoever does that should walk away as the 2009 World Series champions!!

I know who I want to see win the title.  But to me they have 1 glaring flaw on their roster and I feel that it happens to be the other team’s biggest strength.

Here goes…

The Philadelphia Phillies will win the World Series.  And they’ll do it in Game 6 at Yankee Stadium!!!

Phillies pin

There you have it.  Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy what should be a historic and memorable championship series!!!

Who are you taking??


1983 Donruss Jim Palmer

1983 Donruss Jim Palmer

 Classic Jim Palmer right in the midst of his delivery of another quality pitch!!

The  1983 Donruss card design is a rather bland one.  And while the ball and glove graphic incorporates the team and player’s names very nicely, the card is still a yawn.

Thankfully they got a great shot of Palmer in mid-windup!!!  For me, this card would be a little better if they zoomed out just enough to show a leg bend, while still keeping the sharp focus and great detail they got with this close-up!

Another great addition to my growing Jim Palmer player collection.

Palmer 83D

Did You Know…

Hall of Famer Robin Roberts gave up 505 home runs in his 19 years of pitching, the most home runs given up in a career.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – Sorry Mr.Roberts.  Someone has to hold the top spot…

1988 Score’s Salute To Reggie Jackson – Card #3

1988 Score’s Salute To Reggie Jackson – Card #3

Already a baseball superstar by the time he reached the New York Yankees in 1977, Reggie Jackson became ‘Baseball Royalty’ while playing for the Bronx Bombers.

While he only played 5 seasons in the Bronx, it’s what Reggie accomplished in that time that elevated his status.  In  those 5 seasons, Reggie crushed 143 home runs and drove in 461 runs.  He enjoyed great success in pinstripes and was an All-star in each of his seasons with the Yankees.

During that 5-year span, Reggie and his Yankees teammates made the post-season 4 times.  And in those 4 years, they made it to the World Series 3 times ultimately winning 2 World Series championships!!!  In those 3 championship match-ups Reggie shined like no other.  In total he hit .400 while collecting 8 home runs and 17 RBI.

Score Reggie 3

The Official “30-YOC” World Series Preview

The 2009 baseball playoffs have been thrilling to watch so far and I firmly believe that the two best teams are the two that will start battling for the World Series trophy on Wednesday.

I cannot recall the last time I thought a series was so evenly matched.  In recent years, my memory recalls easily being able to identify the team that on paper had a clear advantage.  Yet for these clubs, that is not so easy to do.

On to the breakdown…


Jeez, who would you rather want, CC or Cliff?  Cole Hamels or AJ Burnett?  Happ or Pettite?  In a pinch, I would select the Yanks, and that’s largely due to the fact that they have Andy Pettite on their side.  I’ll take a guy with his experience over a rookie’s any day(unless that rookie is named Livan).  CC and Cliff Lee are a wash in my opinion, and I think that their match-ups will come down to team defensive play – the team with the fewer mistakes should win those battles.  Between Hamels and Burnett, I like that Burnett gets a start at home but you cannot disqualify what Hamels did last year…

When it comes to the bullpen, and specifically middle relief, I think that the Phils are far more superior than the Yankees.  Being able to use Blanton, Moyer, and even Pedro Martinez in any pitching role during this series gives the Phillies a huge advantage.  And while the Yankees have some strengths in their bullpen, it does not come close to equalling what these three guys can offer a team.  If any of the Phillies starters get hit hard early on, the Phillies have a great chance to remain in the game with their middle and long relievers.

As for closers, the Yankees have Mariano Rivera – enough said!!  And even though Brad Lidge has been great so far for the Phillies, the feeling I have is that a breakdown is imminent and I am just not sure if it’s going to happen in 2009 or 2010.


If it wasn’t for the quality pitching that both of these team possess, I would predict a very high-scoring series.  The players on these clubs have the potential to score and drive in runs by the bunches, it will be interesting to see who capitalizes on their opportunities…

A-Rod = Ryan Howard.  Jeter = Rollins.  Damon = Utley.  And so on…  The only player that I think is an odd fit for the Phillies is ‘Big Tex’.  If he plays well and capitalizes when there are runners on the bases, he may be the difference maker for the Yankees.

These teams both bring talented offenses to the plate that can beat you in various ways.  Home runs will be hit, bases will be stolen, and it will all just depend on who is on base when these happenings take place.

When it comes down to it, the team with the fewest base running mistakes should evolve as the winner!!!


Both teams have provided late-inning heroics during these playoffs.  Both of these teams have had players off of their benches contribute winning elements to their team success thus far.  The World Series will be no different.  Will it be Jorge Posada or Matt Stairs that makes the difference this time???


While both teams play extremely well at home, and pretty damn good on the road too, I am not sure that having home field advantage matters in a 2-3-2 series.   Actually, I think the team that gets three straight home games has a big advantage.  If the Phillies can win just 1 of the first 2 games at Yankee Stadium, they come home for the next three with a ton of confidence.  I think it is imperative that the Yankees win Game 1 of  the series, and although not equally as important, if they manage to go up 2-0 they would be in a great spot to win the whole thing.

If the series was 2-2-1-1-1, I think a major advantage is had by the home team.  But this 2-3-2 really doesn’t seem as big of a deal as having home-filed advantage should be.


Stay tuned – coming tomorrow!!!

World Series 



1989 Topps New York Mets Team Leader Card Starring Darryl Strawberry!!!

I pulled this card from one of my 1989 Topps pack breaks.   Immediately it went into a plastic sleeve and then a top-loader for safe keeping!!

This card features Darryl Strawberry and proclaims him as a Mets team leader. 

The card celebrates Darryl’s incredible 1988 baseball season – a season in which he elevated his game to elite status.  In ’88 Darryl put together an incredible display of offense firepower.  With 29 stolen bases, 27 doubles, 39 home runs, 101 runs scored, and 101 RBI, Darryl Strawberry solidified himself as one of the game’s greatest offensive weapons. 

At the end of the year, Straw finished in second place for the National League’s MVP award and also won his first Silver Slugger award.  He also celebrated making his 5th of 8 total All-star teams.

Very nicely done!!  And a great looking card too!!! 

Straw 89T

1988 Score’s Salute To Reggie Jackson – Card #2

1988 Score’s Salute To Reggie Jackson – Card #2

This card celebrates Reggie’s 1976 season as a member of  the Baltimore Orioles.  Of the 5 cards in this subset, I think that this is the best looking one.  The Orioles colors work very well with this card’s design and the team logo floating above Reggie’s head is perfectly placed!!

During his 1-year stay in Baltimore, Reggie had a pretty good offensive season.  Batting .277 while collecting 138 hits, Reggie’s power numbers dropped a bit as he got adjusted to a new ballpark.  Still, he was impressive with his 27 doubles, 27 home runs, 84 runs scored and 91 RBI.  During the 1976 season, Reggie also set a single-season high with 28 stolen bases!!

After 6 straight trips to the post season with the Oakland Athletics, Reggie failed to make a playoff appearance in ’76 with the Orioles.

Score Reggie 2

A Very Special TTM Request Going In The Mail – With A World Series Twist…

With the World Series fully on my mind, I wanted to see if I could capture a very famous and wildly popular World Series hero’s autograph.

I have done my homework and I think I have everything in line for this to be a success.  So, on my way to work tomorrow, this very special package will be sent on its way as well. 


Hopefully it won’t take long to make its way back home to me.  And I am very hopeful that I will have another great autograph to share with all of you!!

Wish me luck!!!

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Mike Moore

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Mike Moore

 Wow, what could have been….

Mike Moore was a very highly touted rookie during the 1982 baseball season.  Unfortunately, his debut campaign did not go as planned as he finished with a 7-14 record while starting in 27 games.  Moore had the stuff, but he was young and the Mariners offense did not offer a ton of run support when he or any Mariners pitchers took the mound. 

Still, Moore was a very talented pitcher, and ended up having a pretty solid career.  Marred with some very lofty double-digit loss seasons early in his career, Moore eventually turned it around and rebounded during the second half of his 14-year career to end up with a decent record.  Compiling a 161-176 career record, Moore ended up having 8 double-digit win seasons along with 11 double-digit loss seasons.

In his best season, 1989, Moore finished in 3rd place for the American League Cy Young award.  With a potent offense supporting him, Moore finished the year with a 19-11 record and a very low 2.61 ERA.  He helped lead his team into the playoffs and to the eventual World Series title that year.  During those ’89 playoffs, Moore started 3 games and won them ALL!!  He threw 20 innings, struck out 13 batters, and compiled a very low 2.08 ERA.

85T Moore

Overall ranking – 6 out of 10.  Points earned for eclipsing the 100 wins total and winning the 1989 World Series.  Points lost for having a losing record.