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‘My Past Time’ Delivers Cards From My Past Time!!!

Leave it to Alfredo…

As many of my fellow bloggers and blog surfers know, Alfredo of the blog ‘My Past Time, I Love It’ is one of the most, if not the most generous member of our baseball card collecting family!!!

So when he told me that a package was headed my way, I knew it would be something good.  And as usual, Alfredo did not disappoint…

Onto the cards:

2 great cards of one of my favorite Cubs – Mr. Billy Williams

2 beauties featuring Mr. Cub himself – Ernie Banks.  Man that Goudey mini looks great!!!

Pretty cool cards of 2 home run hitting legends that I happen to collect – Reggie Jackson & Darryl Strawberry

And last but certainly not least, 2 cards of Andre Dawson in his Florida Marlins uniform.  The Upper Deck card is a new one for my collection – and gets me one step closer to card #400!!

Thank you Alfredo.  Once again, you have surpassed any and all expectations of what I could have expected!!!






1990 Topps Darryl Strawberry

1990 Topps Darryl Strawberry

I have documented several times on this blog my dislike for the 1990 Topps design.  But every once in a while, I find a card from that set that actually appeals to me.

This is one of those times…

Straw 90T

See what I mean?

While still containing the components of what I don’t like about this card’s design, it is not overwhelmed by them.  I love the full-body action shot that Topps gave us of Darryl.  And the colors work very well as the Mets’ team colors are incorporated throughout.   Of all of the design elements on the card, my favorite would be the Orange stripe that borders the picture on both the left and top.  Just that little flash of Mets’ Orange does a great job of tying the card and its color scheme together…

Happy Anniversary Billy Williams!!

On this day in 1961, Billy Williams was awarded with the Rookie of the Year award in the National League.

In that ’61 campaign, Williams starred in 146 games for the Chicago Cubs.  And once he earned that starting job in left field, he kept it for fourteen years!!!

During his ROY season, Williams hit .278 while collecting 147 hits.  In a display of his all-around offensive skills, ‘Sweet Swinging Billy Williams’ connected for 20 doubles and 25 home runs.  He also scored 75 runs while driving in 86.  And amazingly, as a 23-year old rookie, he only struck out 70 times in 584 plate appearances.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Williams!!!

Happy Birthday Bo Jackson!!!

Bo Jackson turns 47 years old today.

Vincent Edward Jackson was one of the most exciting players to debut in major league baseball during the 1980’s.  A 2-sport athlete that built a strong following at the University of Auburn, Jackson was a star before he made his professional debut.

And although his career was cut short due to a football injury sustained while playing in the NFL, Bo Jackson offered us some incredible highlights while in the big leagues.  An All-star during the 1989 season, Bo was wildly popular for his ability to crush home runs(141 in 8 seasons), chase down everything in the outfield, and his breaking of bats.

Happy Birthday Bo!!!  And thanks for the memories that will last a lifetime!!!

1991 Score Greg Maddux

1991 Score Greg Maddux

Ah, the good old Black bordered cards….  A true thing of beauty!!!

And these cards from the 1991 Score set held up so much better than the other cards issued prior with the same colored borders…

The card’s borders are sharp and clean.  This allows for the image to be the focus and this picture of Greg Maddux in mid-windup really jumps off of the cardboard!!  The picture is obviously taken from Wrigley Field as you can see the Ivy growing on the outfield walls behind him.  And since he is wearing long sleeves and the Ivy looks thick, I am going to estimate that this picture was taken pretty late in the baseball season.

Another great looking Greg Maddux card to scratch off my ‘Needs List’ – YES!!!

Maddux 91S

1976 Headline: Reggie Jackson Is Coming To The Bronx!!!

On this day in 1976, Reggie Jackson signed a free agent contract with the New York Yankees.

I only wish that I could have been around to witness this as I am sure that the city of New York and Yankees fans across the country were celebrating this incredible occasion.

By this time in his career, Reggie had established himself as a power hitting slugger that was able to dominate the game offensively.  His knack for driving in runs in timely situations earned him a lot of respect from fans, foes, and teammates.

But with this signing, I am not sure that anyone knew what was to come!!!

How about 144 home runs, 461 RBI, a .281 batting average, 380 runs scored, 5 All-star appearances, and 2 World Series championships!!!

I’d say that the Yankees got a bargain.  Agreed???

Happy Birthday Mariano Rivera!!!

Mariano Rivera turns the ‘Big 4-O’ Today!!!

Quite possibly the greatest closer of all-time, and certainly the best closer in post season history, Rivera has many reasons to celebrate today!!

First, it is his 40th birthday – a landmark occasion for many.  Rivera amazingly remains the picture of perfect health as he continues to dominate around the major leagues with his New York Yankee teammates.  His ability to come into pressures situations and rise above the stress of the event is second-to-none.  While many falter, Rivera excels.  And that is one of the big reasons why he and his teammates are celebrating a 2009 World Series championship!!

As we all prepare for the 2010 season, one has to wonder how much longer ‘Mo’ will want to play.  A few more years?  1 more year?  Who knows…  What I do know and get reminded of consistently is that the role of a closer is only valuable to a club when the player is able to dominate each and every situation he faces.  And that is what makes Mariano Rivera a solid and key contributor to his team’s victories.

Happy Birthday Mr. Rivera!!!  600 saves is right around the corner…

Andre Dawson 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Memorabilia Pants Card!!

Andre Dawson 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Memorabilia Card

I’d been wanting to add another Game Used Andre Dawson card to my collection for a few weeks now.  And with the baseball cad show at the Coral Square mall yielding nothing to satisfy me, I immediately ran to Ebay when I got home to see what was available.

I found this card and was immediately drawn to it.  This is my first Game-used card of ‘The Hawk’ featuring a color that is not White, Expos Blue, or Cubbie Blue!!!

Check it out…

And as always, when I get a new card that meets the necessary requirements for entry, it gets added to my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ page.

1974 Topps League Leaders Card Starring Jim Palmer & Tom Seaver

1974 Topps League Leaders Card Starring Jim Palmer & Tom Seaver

This card celebrates the incredible seasons that both Jim Palmer and Tom Seaver had during the 1973 major league baseball season.

Each player led their leagues in ERA.  Palmer led the American League with a low 2.39.  And not to be outdone, Tom Seaver led the National League and the majors with a mighty impressive 2.08.

Two of the best pitchers from the 1970’s on one baseball card.  And a perfect addition to my Jim Palmer player collection!!!  

Oh, and just to close the circle, each of these great pitchers won the Cy Young award in their respective leagues that year.  For Palmer, it was his first of three.  And for ‘Tom Terrific’, it was his second of three awards.

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #20

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #20

1975 Topps – Card #623 – AKA – ‘The Keith Hernandez Rookie Card’

Phil Garner – Garner enjoyed a full, 16-year career as he played for 5 different teams.  A 3-time All-star, and member of the 1979 World Champion Orioles, Garner tallied 1,594 career hits including 109 home runs, 738 RBI, and 225 stolen bases.

Keith Hernandez – One of the most underrated players from his era, Keith Hernandez enjoyed a wonderful major league career.  Climaxing with the 1979 MVP Award, Hernandez was a 5-time All-star, 11-time Gold Glove Award winner, 2-time Silver Slugger winner, and a 2-time World Series champion.  Hernandez finished his stellar career with 2,182 hits, 162 home runs, 1,070 RBI, and 1,124 runs scored.  

Bob Sheldon – Sheldon’s career spanned 3 seasons and just 94 games.  Primarily used as a designated hitter, Sheldon failed to impress his managers with his offensive skills and was quickly out of baseball.  In 94 games, Sheldon managed to amass 67 career hits with 17 RBI, 30 runs scored, and a .256 batting average.

Tom Veryzer – Veryzer played shortstop for 4 big league clubs over the span of 12 years.  A fair hitter without a glaring offensive skill, Veryzer became a nice, serviceable player that remained in the big leagues due to his solid play on defense.