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HUGE TTM Success – A World Series Hero!!!

I’ve seen Orel Hershiser do it.  I’ve seen Josh Beckett do it.  And Livan Hernandez and Cliff Lee and even Curt Schilling too.  Each of these guys has dominated their opposition during a World Series game.  I’ve seen them all do it, and each has been thrilling to watch.

But as great as they have been, none of them come close to this:


That’s right.  Mr. Don Larsen.  The only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the history of baseball’s post-season play. 

Larsen signed this ball for me very quickly(just 11 days) and even included an inscription to honor his amazing performance during the 1956 World Series!!

This one ranks very high on my list and I will display it proudly!!

Thank you Mr. Larsen!!!

2008 Sweet Spot Andre Dawson & Tim Raines Dual Jersey Card!!!

Check out this beauty!!!

Dawson Raines

I accidentally stumbled upon this card a few weeks ago while searching Ebay for new Andre Dawson cards.  I immediately fell in love with the card and knew I had to own one!  After a few more minutes of searching, I decided that I needed one that featured a pinstripe on both swatches.

I quickly added ‘Dawson Raines jersey’ to my saved searches on Ebay and after a few short weeks of shopping and waiting, I am thrilled to finally have this great looking card in my collection.

It’s no secret that Andre and Tim are very good friends.  A relationship that started when Tim joined the Expos in the early 1980’s has almost 30 years of history now.  It’s cool that this card celebrates the two of them together.

This card will easily become a favorite!!!

Greg Maddux 1989 Score

Greg Maddux 1989 Score

Score did a nice job with this card – I just wish that they included a little more of the full-body action photography that I have grown to love!!

The card’s design is very basic, but I do like how they sneakily incorporated a baseball diamond into the team name, player position, and player name in the bottom/center of the card’s graphics.

’89 was a good year for Greg Maddux.  He finished in 3rd place for the National League Cy Young award going 19-12 with a 2.95 ERA.  1989 was also the first and only time that Maddux would take the Cubs into the playoffs.  Let’s not discuss the outcome of that game…  I just ate!!! 

Maddux 89SGreg Maddux 1989 Score