1982 Topps Jim Palmer

1982 Topps Jim Palmer

 Hmmm…  I wonder if this photo was taken during Spring Training…

What gives it away, you ask??  Let’s see.  Maybe it’s the refreshed look on Palmer’s face.  Or the sunburn.  Or the senior citizens crowding in the background.

Look, I like the 1982 Topps set.  The cards look good for the most part and Topps did a good job of working with the border colors, lettering, and team colors to add nice symmetry to the cards.  But this photo just really stinks.  I know that Jim Palmer was considered to be a sex symbol during his career and even afterwards.  I’m ok with that.  But let his Jockey ads attract that kind of crowd, not his baseball card!! 

We want dirty uniforms.  We want action photos.  We want sweaty guys playing the sport we love.

Palmer 82T

Sometimes being a player collector is tough.  I am thrilled to add this card to my Jim Palmer collection but I don’t see it making my ‘Top 5’ list anytime soon.

5 responses to “1982 Topps Jim Palmer

  1. I agree! I love action shots….which there are plenty of in ’82 collection, but it seems some of the stars had some plain photos for their cards that year.

  2. I rescued my own Palmer collection this weekend, feel free to drop by and check out some of the cards this week. I’m planning to post a couple this week.

    Do you have a list of which ones you have? I don’t have a ton myself, but I did pick up a bunch back in the mid 90s when I started that collection.

  3. Maybe we can even pull off a Palmer for Palmer trade!

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