1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Shawn Abner

1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Shawn Abner

Very few players can live up to the expectations of being a #1 draft pick in any sport.  Those that do, quickly become sport royalty.  Those that don’t, typically suffer constant criticism and hardly live up to any of the lofty goals their drafting team had for them.  Now add the part about being drafted by a New York franchise and BOOM!!!  More hype, more media, more craziness.  More, more, and more…

Shane Abner was in this class.  The #1 draft pick of the 1984 baseball draft, Abner remained in the Mets farm system for two years prior to being dealt to the San Diego Padres in an 8-player deal.  Abner never suited up for the Mets, and he finally made his major league debut in 1987, 3 years after being tabbed as the game’s top prospect.

Abner managed to play in 6 big league seasons.  He played for 3 different clubs in that time and never hit the 100 games mark in any of those years.  He is a lifetime .227 hitter and his resume boasts 11 home runs, 191 hits, 71 RBI, and 6 stolen bases.

85T Abner

1 out of 10.  1 points earned for being selected as the #1 pick. 

One response to “1985 Topps #1 Draft Pick – Shawn Abner

  1. Abner was from a school near where I grew up and he is just a few years older than I am, so I followed his “career” a little bit back then. Both him and Mariners draftee Al Chambers were disappointments out of the era and area.

    But not all is lost – I think they may have been the first two guys that gave me the passion for following local athletes and understanding that odds that are against them.

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