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‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #15

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #15

1965 Topps – Card #16 – AKA – ‘The Joe Morgan Rookie Card’


Joe Morgan – Hall of Famer Morgan, was an integral part of the 2-time World Series champion ‘Big Red Machine’.  A solid all-around player whose career lasted 22 major league seasons, Morgan left behind a very admirable resume.  2,517 hits, 1,650 runs scored, 449 doubles, 268 home runs, and a very impressive 689 stolen bases all lead to Morgan being a 10-time All-star and 2-time league Most Valuable Player winner.

Sonny Jackson – Jackson played 12 seasons in the big leagues.  A well-rounded defensive player, Jackson used his speed to his advantage when playing both infield and outfield positions.  Jackson’s best year came in his rookie season of 1966.  He finished in 2nd place for the Rookie of the Year award that season due to his amazing 174 hits, 49 stolen bases and just 53 strikeouts with 670 plate appearances.  Jackson’s rookie year was the best of his career, and soon he was relegated to a bench role as a utility player.

1982 Fleer Eddie Murray

1982 Fleer Eddie Murray

 “Boring, Boring,  Boring” – A chant usually reserved for wrestling, boxing, and now MMA fights when there is a long stop in the action.

Well, for this 1982 Fleer card of Eddie Murray, the same can be said!!

There is absolutely nothing going on in this picture.  The photographer has captured nothing for us to enjoy, and he even did that poorly as he is zoomed in too close to Eddie and his famous sideburns.

A complete dud, this card ranks near the very bottom of my list.  I am happy that I no longer have to hunt for it, but I am completely unimpressed too…

Murray 82F

Contest Update – Here Are The Players And Their Picks!!

OK.  We’re ready for the contest to begin. 

Here are the players and the guys that they picked.

Good Luck to you all!!!

Tim – Andrew Bailey, Andrew McCutchen, Zack Greinke, Chris Carpenter, Joe Mauer, Derek Jeter(2nd), Albert Pujols, Chase Utley(2nd)

WickedOrtega – Matt Wieters, Chris Coghlan, Zack Greinke, Chris Carpenter, Joe Mauer, Ben Zobrist(2nd), Albert Pujols, Hanley Ramirez(2nd)

Jordan – Matt Wieters, JA Happ, Zack Grienke, Chris Carpenter, Joe Mauer, Derek Jeter(2nd), Albert Pujols, Raul Ibanez(2nd)

Dan – Andrew Bailey, JA Happ, Zack Greinke, Adam Wainwright, Joe Mauer, Mark Teixeira(2nd), Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard(2nd)

Charles Beatley – Andrew Bailey, Chris Coghlan, Felix Hernandez, Adam Wainright, Derek Jeter, Joe Mauer(2nd), Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard(2nd)

unclemoe – Andrew Bailey, Chris Coghlan, Felix Hernandez, Tim Lincecum, Joe Mauer, Mark Teixeira(2nd), Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard(2nd)

Dave R – Andrew Bailey, Chris Coghlan, Zack Greinke, Tim Lincecum, Joe Mauer, Mark Teixeira(2nd), Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard(2nd)

BroadStreetBully – Gordon Beckham, JA Happ, Zack Greinke, Chris Carpenter, Joe Mauer, Mark Teixeira(2nd),  Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder(2nd)

And don’t forget what you may win…

Blog Contest

Even though I am not eligible to play, I love contests like this.  My picks are : Bailey, Coghlan, Grienke, Lincecum, Mauer, Mark Tex(2nd), Pujols, Hanley(2nd)!!!