1982 Fleer Eddie Murray

1982 Fleer Eddie Murray

 “Boring, Boring,  Boring” – A chant usually reserved for wrestling, boxing, and now MMA fights when there is a long stop in the action.

Well, for this 1982 Fleer card of Eddie Murray, the same can be said!!

There is absolutely nothing going on in this picture.  The photographer has captured nothing for us to enjoy, and he even did that poorly as he is zoomed in too close to Eddie and his famous sideburns.

A complete dud, this card ranks near the very bottom of my list.  I am happy that I no longer have to hunt for it, but I am completely unimpressed too…

Murray 82F

2 responses to “1982 Fleer Eddie Murray

  1. Obviously the Oriles were about as exciting then as they are now from Eddie’s expression.

  2. From the looks of the uniform, this was probably taken in the ’80s. Therefore, I think the picture captures exactly what Murray was thinking, “What the hell is going on with this franchise?”

    Oddly enough, this card speaks more than Murray ever did. One for letting his play do the talking, Murray did not talk to he press very much. This card aptly captures Murray, in my opinion. He was a great ball player, but the ’80s were a terrible time to take a picture of any Oriole.

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