Darryl Strawberry 1988 Fleer All-Star

While kind of an ‘oddball’ card, this one still gets the job done of celebrating Darryl’s ability to remain at an All-star caliber level.

The card itself is rather boring so I thought I would present a few suggestions as to how this one can easily be improved.

Here goes:

  1. Use the Mets team colors – Substitute the Yellow pinstriping for the famous Orange that is part of the Mets logo.
  2. Update all of the fonts to a more creative and appealing look.  Of the current words on the card, the best design goes to the word ‘Baseball’.  Adopt this same philosophy with all of the card’s words and make them pop, not blend.
  3. Pictures tell a million words – this one fails us.  Use a picture of Darryl that shows us why he is an All-star.  Give me a home run swing or a stolen base or an assist in the outfield.

There you go.  3 suggestions as to how this Darryl Strawberry All-star card could be turned into an All-Star card of Darryl Strawberry!!!

Straw 88F AS

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