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Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – A Sealed Box Of 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Cards!!!

My last purchase of the day was this…


A box of 1991 Upper Deck baseball cards.

I’ve been in the mood to rip into some packs lately, but none of the new stuff is appealing to me.  Plus, I want more than 3 packs if I’m willing to plunk down $10.

This box cost me just $5, and some of the possible treasures inside include rookie cards of Luis Gonzalez, Reggie Sanders, Mike Mussina, and Chipper Jones.  And who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and ‘Find The Nolan’ too…

But please don’t think that I would hoard all of these packs for myself.  Oh no, I’ll surely keep a few to bust and see what I get, but a majority will go to you – the great readers of this site.  I’ll be holding a series of contests during the off-season, and I will use some of these 1991 UD packs for prize material.


Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – My First 2 Don Mattingly Cards!!

My appreciation for Don Mattingly has grown considerably since I found the world of baseball card blogging.

Sure, I liked him and the way he played.  But I guess I never really appreciated how well-rounded ‘Donnie Baseball’ was. 

I am sure that some of it had to do with the fact that I was a big fan of Rickey Henderson and Dave Winfield – they got all of my attention.  And being a Wade Boggs guy probably did not help either…

But Mattingly was a Gold-glove wearing, power hitting batting champion that was easily one of the best from the 1980’s.

Mattingly 2

I don’t know about you, but that ’87 Donruss card is screaming – TTM Attempt to me!!!


Baseball Card Show Purchse #6 – A Sampling Of Vintage Paul Molitor…

Good Golly, it’s Pauly Molly!!!

Molitor 3

It’s just a matter of time before this turns into a new player collection for me!!!

So good.  So underappreciated…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – Three Random(But Awesome) 1980’s Rookies!!!

As I surfed through a few 3200 count boxes labeled $0.25 on the outside, I became a little nostalgic.

While not letting my emotions take control of my wallet, I did manage to pull these three rookie cards from the 1980’s of guys that left a lasting impression on me during my youth.


Dave Stewart – One of the most intimidating guys I have ever seen on the mound.  His look of concentration, mixed with intimidation, left me shaking in my Nikes when I was watching him pitch for the A’s.

Bret Saberhagen – Saberhagen won the Cy Young award in both 1985 and 1989.  I distinctly remember him winning the award in 1985 and when he did it again in ’89, I was surprised and a little shocked that he was that good.  This of course was before Maddux, Clemens, and Randy Johnson became elite pitchers and set a new standard…

Julio Franco – That batting stance stood out like a sore thumb in the mid-80’s and I can still picture it vividly today.  Before Jerome Walton and Junior Felix and Chris Sabo, it was Julio Franco that I was impersonating in the street when the neighborhood kids got together to play ball.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – Vintage George Brett!

While I am not a George Brett collector, I do admire his body of work.

Brett was a solid, all-around offensive machine for the Kansas City Royals.  His ability to hit for average, and mix in a little power as well, made him a constant threat and perennial All-star.

Check out these four beauties…

Brett 4

That Rod Carew & George Brett card is classic!!  It may be one of my favorite multi-player cards of all-time!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.

Anytime I find cards of Reggie Jackson in a 25 cent bin, I will attack.  Let me say that again  – Anytime I find cards of Reggie Jackson in a 25 cent bin, I will attack!!

I love what Reggie Jackson means to the game of baseball.  His personality was unmatched and his heroics during the 1978 World Series will go down as some of  the greatest in the history of the sport.

I was shocked and thrilled to see these cards in the bargain bin, and I quickly scooped them up without any hesitation at all. 

Twenty-five cents for a card featuring Mr. October.  Sign me up, all day – EVERYDAY!!!

Reggie 5

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – (2) 1990 Score Frank Thomas Rookies!!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Frank Thomas and his baseball cards were available during the 1990’s and beyond, I would certainly be a Frank Thomas player collector!!  For me, there is just too much to go after…

While my loyalty to Chicago sports stays on the South Side near Wrigley Field, I admire the incredible career that Frank Thomas put together.  He brought things to the sport that the Cubs always needed, and I wish he were on a team I cheered for so I could rally with him and his fans.

Still, ‘The Big Hurt’ is one of the greatest hitters from that decade and he was a huge reason that the White Sox became a relevant team again.

Here are the 2 1990 Score rookies I picked up for just twenty-five cents a piece…

Thomas 2

Baseball Card Show Purchase #1 – A Pair of Bo Jackson Rookie Cards

I don’t go out of my way looking for Bo Jackson baseball cards, but when sifting through boxes and boxes of cards, it is inevitable that Bo and I will cross paths.  And when we do, I usually pause and recall a few memories of Bo in his glory days of playing baseball.

Usually I just stop for a brief moment and continue on.  Only 1 time prior to this one have I pulled out a few cards of Bo to buy. 

So now I have 4 Bo Jackson rookie cards in my collection. 

Here are the 2 that I got at the show this time around.

Bo 2

Baseball Card Show Review.

I want to make sure that I don’t come across as someone who is not grateful on this post.  After writing ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ for well over a year now, I know my baseball card show reviews are some of the more popular and anticipated posts on this blog.  I have also learned that many of the readers here do not have card show options in or around their home towns.  With this new show at the local mall, I now have 2 different monthly shows to choose from which is more than I have seen from any of the other blogs that I frequent.

At the same time, I have to be fair and honest.  If there is a reader checking out my reviews, and he plans on using my feedback as a tool to decide on which show to attend, I feel it is my duty to offer as fair of a review as  possible.

So, here goes.

I made it to the card show late Saturday afternoon.  In total, there were 12 vendor tables set up.  And of those 12, 5 were all memorabilia, and 1 was a comic/stuffed animal/crap table.  While I love the memorabilia and enjoy seeing what is out there for purchase, I have had and still have no intention of plopping down hundreds of dollars on what I can only describe as ‘questionable’ stuff.

By the time my first lap of the show was over, I had 7 tables to shop.  The tables were packed full of cards, and the bargain bins were full!!  Personally, when I make my decision to stop and shop the bargain bins, I will always select an organized guy over one that is not.  Dividing your cards by sport is step one, but if someone goes the next step, I will usually spend more time with them.  For me, the next step is having the cards sorted by either team or even better by player.  At this show, only two vendors had their cards sorted this way, and they were the ones that got my business.  I was on a limited schedule so I didn’t want to bother sifting through cards I had no interest in.

You may recall that for this show I had no ‘Want List’ with me.  I didn’t want to disappoint myself by bringing a list of cards to look for without knowing what the scene was like.  This ended up being a wise decision on my part as this was the first card show I have attended in the last 15 months in which I did not pick up a single card for any of the player collections or subsets I am collecting.  Not One!!  No Fergies, Madduxes, Palmers, Murrays, or Strawberrys – NONE!!

I ended up spending less than $12 while a the show.  The majority of what I bought was found in $0.25 bins.  I also picked up a sealed box of cards which is where $5.00 of my money went.

Check back with me throughout the day as I bring you images and stories of each and every purchase I made at the card show. 

And although the last time I attended the Dania show left a bad taste in my mouth, this was far worse.  I really want to get one more positive shopping experience in before the end of the year so my plan is to head back to Dania in a few weeks and give it another shot at theit last show of 2009.