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Grab Bag #2 – Full Of Andre Dawson Greatness!!!

I had to do it!!

I couldn’t resist!!

The results from the Andre Dawson Grab Bag #1 were so perfect for my collection, that I had to do it again.

And today, I am a happy man as the cards have arrived!!!


More incredible cards from the #1 Andre Dawson collector in the hobby.  Craig did it again and I now have 17 brand new cards to add to my Andre Dawson player collection.

Thanks Craig – You have outdone yourself again!!!

You better believe that I will be posting and sharing all of these in the coming weeks.  And you better believe that Grab Bag #3 is in my future too…

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #17

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #17

1986 Fleer – Card #653 – AKA – ‘The Cecil Fielder Rookie Card’


Cecil Fielder – ‘Big Daddy’ was one of the premier home run hitters during the 1980’s.  When most of the league’s top sluggers were struggling to crush 30 bombs a year, Cecil Fielder was routinely out-slugging them in record fashion.  After a 4-year stint with Toronto that resulted in very little playing time, Fielder played in Japan for a year before returning to the big leagues and joining the Detroit Tigers.  The next 8 years resulted in 284 home runs, 3 All-star selections, and 2 Silver Slugger awards.  Fielder went on to win 1 World Series in 1996 as a member of the New York Yankees.

Cory Snyder – Snyder had and still has a cult-like following.  A member of the 1984 Olympic team that represented the United States, Snyder’s professional career looked like it would be a mighty one.  Unfortunately sub-par season after sub-par season led to just a 9-year career in the majors.  Snyder left the game with 902 career hits, 149 home runs, 488 RBI, and no post season memories.

1990 Donruss Greg Maddux

1990 Donruss Greg Maddux

Another card has been added to my Greg Maddux player collection!!

Typically when I see a card, especially one that I have not seen in a while, I take a few moments to quickly analyze the overall design before I make my final decision and form my opinion of the card.

For this one, the jury is still out.  And I got this card a few weeks ago…

I like the action photo, but the background draws my eye away from Maddux.  I  like the Red border, but the odd confetti-esque elements running down the side of the card look  strange.  The only part that I definitely love about this card is the script used for the player’s name – what a great change from the normal and boring fonts used in previous issues!!

So  while I decide if I am going to give this card a thumbs up or down, tell me your opinion…

Maddux 90D