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1968 Topps Fergie Jenkins – YES!!!!

1968 Topps Fergie Jenkins

Finally I have added this card to my Fergie Jenkins player collection.  The ’68 Topps card is not an easy one to find with good centering.  And while this card is far from perfect, the corners are solid and the centering is probably close to an 80/20.  I would love to have brought home a more well-centered card, but I am very aware of my spending limits so I got the best that I could currently afford.

1968 was a solid year for Fergie.  In his second full season with the Cubs, the Hall of Famer started 40 ball games for the team en route to a 20-15 record along with 20 complete games.  Fergie was progressing nicely at this point and he recorded a 2.63 ERA due to his hard work.  The efforts of training on his mechanics in the off-season began to pay off too as he finished the year with 260 strikeouts while allowing just 65 walks.

I am thrilled to add this ’68 Topps card to my Fergie Jenkins collection!!

And now I am just 2 cards away from calling this player collection complete!!!

1989 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Darryl Strawberry

1989 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Darryl Strawberry

I am in no way able to criticize art.  My 3-year old son’s art skills surpassed my abilities quite some time ago.

I can, however, provide you with my opinion on what I find visually appealing, and this card from the 1989 Upper Deck set makes the cut!!

While I have no intention of bashing the artist or artists behind the Donruss Diamond Kings work, I personally find the work issued by Upper Deck to be more superior.  Coming from a vintage guy that grew up hoarding Diamond Kings, that says a lot!!!

Thoughts??  Opinions???

Straw 89UD CC

Did You Know…

There are only two pitchers in major league history with more than 3,000 strikeouts and fewer than 1,000 walks – Ferguson Jenkins and Greg Maddux.

Maddux Jenkins

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – 2 of my favorite pitchers of all-time, these two players and their magnificent careers are intertwined for life!!!