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RESULTS: Jose Canseco Signing!!

Just days after major league baseball named its American League MVP, I received a signed baseball from the 1988 winner.

Jose Canseco’s popularity and stranglehold on the hobby were at an all-time high in 1988.  The MVP was part of the most dynamic offensive team in baseball and his 40+ home runs and 40+ stolen bases during that 1988 campaign put him into elite status.

So when I read about the signing at www.sportsgraphing.com, I jumped at the chance to get his autograph and decided to go with an inscription that was as rare as his incredible feat.  Now seeing the ball in person, I know that I made the right decision!!!

Pretty sweet huh???

Another great autograph added to my growing signed baseball collection.  And if you’re keeping track at home, this signed Canseco ball is #17.

1988 Topps Eddie Murray

1988 Topps Eddie Murray

 This one may be a contender for my ‘Fab 5’ when I complete my Eddie Murray player collection!!

I have always enjoyed the 1988 design.  A little on the bland side, the overall look of the card has a vintage feel to it.  While not being heavy on the graphic element, Topps did a very nice job of making the card’s design elements flow.  Starting with the color schemes used, they added the team colors into the card’s headline and banner in the lower right corners.  When adding the player photos, they put them on top of the graphic which makes the player’s image really pop off of the card.

1988 was a solid year for Murray.  He played in all but one game and managed to hit .284 while collecting 171 hits.  He was also able to crush 27 doubles, 28 home runs, and drive in 84 runs.  Murray’s amazing ‘batting eye’ was once again on display in ’88 as he struck out just 78 times in 681 plate appearances. 

Murray 88T

Did You Know…

In modern baseball, Jim Kaat’s career, from 1959 to ’83, spanned the most presidential administrations: seven, from Dwight D. Eisenhower through Ronald Reagan.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’