Coming Soon: Bob Feller Signing!!!

While at the mall last weekend with my wife and kids, my wife gave me ‘The Nod’.  For those of you that are not familiar with ‘The Nod’, let me explain.  In my family, ‘The Nod’ means take off, get away, scram, etc…

We were in the Disney store and she spotted something she wanted to get for the boys.  My 3-year old is very intrigued when we’re out shopping, and has a knack for finding something he wants wherever we go.  This time, my wife gave me ‘The Nod’ so I hightailed it out of there before he could see what she found.

I made my way across the mall’s hallway to the Mounted Memories Factory Outlet.  It’s a great store with some great stuff.  Some of it is very affordable while some is outrageously high-priced.  While I have never made a purchase there, I do enjoy checking out what they have so it was a natural choice for us to burn a few minutes there.

While cruising around the store, I saw a stack of these flyers at the register:

Obviously the headline of the flyer did it’s job as I was instantly intrigued.  Bob Feller and Free Autographs sounds like a great time to me.  He’ll be at the store next week and I have every intention of being there as well.  If you purchase a ball or photo from the store you get a free autograph.  If you walk in with your own item to be signed, it’s $20.00.  

It sounds like I’ll be adding another signed baseball to my collection!!!  Plus, it’s from an in-person appearance!!!  And he’s a Hall of Famer!!!

Stay tuned next week as I bring you the results from the Bob Feller signing.

9 responses to “Coming Soon: Bob Feller Signing!!!

  1. Met Feller once ….To begin, he complained and moaned about having to come to my hometown to sign autographs. He was cheesed off because the guy that organized him coming to town saved some $ by making arrangements for him to come through the Cleveland Indians. He came off like a complete horse’s butt because he was pretty nasty and sour in the days leading up to his appearance.
    When it finally came down to the event, he was very friendly with everybody. He did a complete 180 from the prior conversations and put on a happy face for the fans. Don’t get me wrong, he still was a ‘know-it-all’…but fans were so in adoration of him that they seemingly did not care.
    Oh yeah, do not ask him to sign in black ink. He’ll lecture you about how “Black is a national league color” and “Blue is the American league color” and then sign in blue ink anyway.


  2. I was surprised to see the word “free” associated with a Bob Feller signing. I knew he normally charged to sign. What mall is this, Brian? I don’t know if you live in Iowa or not, but the Bob Feller museum in Winterset is quite a shrine.

    Nice site… I will add you to my blog roll, and check back often.

  3. I’ll see you there homie…. can you send me the time it starts, please….

  4. I do not know if it is true or not, but I have heard that he used to throw so hard that he would be featured in Iowa county fairs throwing a baseball through the side of a barn. He would literally put a hole in the barn. Many old timers say that he was and still may be the hardest throwing right hander EVER. Enjoy your time with him. There will never be another like him.

  5. Sounds fun! Looking forward to the results…


  6. I met him at an mlb fan fest before. funny guy. he wrote on an 8×10 i got signed “hof 1962” and my dad says, “1962? I was born that year!” and beb says. “Not my fault.” then he laughed

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