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Andre Dawson 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Memorabilia Pants Card!!

Andre Dawson 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Memorabilia Card

I’d been wanting to add another Game Used Andre Dawson card to my collection for a few weeks now.  And with the baseball cad show at the Coral Square mall yielding nothing to satisfy me, I immediately ran to Ebay when I got home to see what was available.

I found this card and was immediately drawn to it.  This is my first Game-used card of ‘The Hawk’ featuring a color that is not White, Expos Blue, or Cubbie Blue!!!

Check it out…

And as always, when I get a new card that meets the necessary requirements for entry, it gets added to my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ page.

1974 Topps League Leaders Card Starring Jim Palmer & Tom Seaver

1974 Topps League Leaders Card Starring Jim Palmer & Tom Seaver

This card celebrates the incredible seasons that both Jim Palmer and Tom Seaver had during the 1973 major league baseball season.

Each player led their leagues in ERA.  Palmer led the American League with a low 2.39.  And not to be outdone, Tom Seaver led the National League and the majors with a mighty impressive 2.08.

Two of the best pitchers from the 1970’s on one baseball card.  And a perfect addition to my Jim Palmer player collection!!!  

Oh, and just to close the circle, each of these great pitchers won the Cy Young award in their respective leagues that year.  For Palmer, it was his first of three.  And for ‘Tom Terrific’, it was his second of three awards.

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #20

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #20

1975 Topps – Card #623 – AKA – ‘The Keith Hernandez Rookie Card’

Phil Garner – Garner enjoyed a full, 16-year career as he played for 5 different teams.  A 3-time All-star, and member of the 1979 World Champion Orioles, Garner tallied 1,594 career hits including 109 home runs, 738 RBI, and 225 stolen bases.

Keith Hernandez – One of the most underrated players from his era, Keith Hernandez enjoyed a wonderful major league career.  Climaxing with the 1979 MVP Award, Hernandez was a 5-time All-star, 11-time Gold Glove Award winner, 2-time Silver Slugger winner, and a 2-time World Series champion.  Hernandez finished his stellar career with 2,182 hits, 162 home runs, 1,070 RBI, and 1,124 runs scored.  

Bob Sheldon – Sheldon’s career spanned 3 seasons and just 94 games.  Primarily used as a designated hitter, Sheldon failed to impress his managers with his offensive skills and was quickly out of baseball.  In 94 games, Sheldon managed to amass 67 career hits with 17 RBI, 30 runs scored, and a .256 batting average.

Tom Veryzer – Veryzer played shortstop for 4 big league clubs over the span of 12 years.  A fair hitter without a glaring offensive skill, Veryzer became a nice, serviceable player that remained in the big leagues due to his solid play on defense.