Happy Birthday Mariano Rivera!!!

Mariano Rivera turns the ‘Big 4-O’ Today!!!

Quite possibly the greatest closer of all-time, and certainly the best closer in post season history, Rivera has many reasons to celebrate today!!

First, it is his 40th birthday – a landmark occasion for many.  Rivera amazingly remains the picture of perfect health as he continues to dominate around the major leagues with his New York Yankee teammates.  His ability to come into pressures situations and rise above the stress of the event is second-to-none.  While many falter, Rivera excels.  And that is one of the big reasons why he and his teammates are celebrating a 2009 World Series championship!!

As we all prepare for the 2010 season, one has to wonder how much longer ‘Mo’ will want to play.  A few more years?  1 more year?  Who knows…  What I do know and get reminded of consistently is that the role of a closer is only valuable to a club when the player is able to dominate each and every situation he faces.  And that is what makes Mariano Rivera a solid and key contributor to his team’s victories.

Happy Birthday Mr. Rivera!!!  600 saves is right around the corner…

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